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It’s that time of the month again. No, not that one, but CHIC AT EVERY AGE! We were so excited about December’s post, because of course, we wanted to do it on Holiday Dressing. It was so fun to show up and see what each of us would wear to a party during the Holidays. I think our fashion personalities are pretty clear by what we all chose.

What kind of Christmas party you are invited to will definitely determine what you should wear, but I was thinking on the lines of someones home. As you recall, I am a jeans kind of girl. I get dressed for the day, and never want to change clothes until I go to bed. That’s why I am wearing the coated black jeans above. We all know that black looks dressier, even in jeans. I paired them with this amazing BCBG feather top and the bronze leather REBECCA MINKOFF jacket. Both of these pieces I adore! And the shoes, I want to wear with everything, if I’m not in my boots or Uggs…yep, I said it!

I think my fashionista friends above look amazing! Ashley of SIDESMILE STYLE looks adorable in her party dress and fur! Oh to be in your 20’s again…you can wear anything! Sam of STYLE OF SAM looks so chic and polished in all winter white with gold accessories. She can mix vintage and new better than anybody I’ve ever seen! Heather of STYLE BY FLUENT…well, she looks just damn sexy!!! Check out their posts to get details on what they are wearing.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and this gave you some ideas of what to wear if you are attending any parties.

Thank you for reading!


Jacket// REBECCA MINKOFF, Feather Top// BCBG, Jeans// J BRAND, Clutch// CLARE VIVIER, Shoes// VALENTINO, Bangle and earrings// NOIR