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It’s my favorite time of the month again (I love saying that!), Chic at Every Age! Since the girls and I have started this series, I look so forward to each time we get together to shoot it. We pick an outfit idea and then show up with our choice.  It’s so much fun to see what each one picks. I ADORE these three.. Ashley- SideSmile Style, Sam- Style of Sam, and Heather- Style By Fluent.

We were so lucky to be treated to an afternoon tea at the JOULE HOTEL in Dallas in their very cool TASCHEN tea room/library. The room is filled with a colorful variety of  beautiful and hip books that can be purchased. The JOULE is the coolest hotel in Dallas! It’s a refurbished 1920’s building that has the most amazing art, heavenly spa, two great boutiques, an acclaimed brasserie, called CBD Provisions, and the most unbelievable pool that hangs over the front of the building!

Our tea began with a glass of champagne, followed by the most delicious little finger sandwiches that were a work of art! Then of course, came three different types of tea and the sweets! This was my favorite part! I hadn’t had “high” tea since I was probably in my late 20’s. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often, because it was so fun to just sit and enjoy my friends company. If you live in Dallas, I highly suggest an afternoon to experience the TASCHEN tea room.

I suppose I should talk about what I chose to wear. Since most everything I own is in Nashville in wardrobe boxes (and still is!!!), it was easy to decide, because all I had kept with me was this black skirt from Anthropologie. Unfortunately, it’s from last spring and no longer available (but I did find some similar ones at the bottom). I stopped in Club Monaco a few weeks ago, and was drawn to this silk top. I’m not a huge print girl, but I loved this and the color of it. I think all of us chose what would be appropriate for an afternoon tea. Don’t you love Sam’s hat?

Thank you so much to THE JOULE for hosting us for a lovely afternoon. It made this girl’s week!!! Now I just want to have a “staycation” and hangout for a weekend!

Top// Club Monaco, Skirt// Anthropologie (similar below), Boots// Stuart Weitzman, Necklace// Rare Gems of India

Photos: Mary Summers, So Then They Say