Hello, ladies! I hope you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend. Despite the rain, we had a great day on Sunday! We had thirteen people over here for brunch and had the best time. There was so much good food! My sister-in-law was visiting, and we even went to dinner that night; after eating so much earlier (never turning down sushi!). It’s been raining here so long that it’s hard to remember what the sun looks like. I am so excited to see it today and tomorrow, and then the clouds roll back in just in time for the weekend!

I know I have mentioned that I have been suffering from bad eczema. This has been an ongoing problem for over six months now. I had it as an infant, and my parents used to soak me in tar baths (anyone ever heard of that?). I can distinctly remember the smell of it! Anyway, I would get better for years, and then it would return. I remember having it in High School, and it finally went away until I was in my 30s, and it came back on my hands for a short time. About six years ago, it came back again and with a vengeance! It was all over my neck and behind my ears. That lasted about four months, and I was clear until recently.

A month ago, I finally went to an allergist and had skin and food panels done. I discovered that I was allergic to oatmeal (so random), corn, squash (so random again), and almost everything green outside. My eczema is so bad at my jawline, hairline, eyelid, and arm crease, that I made another trip to my allergist yesterday (who, by the way, is my new best friend!). She told me that I am highly sensitive and have a couple of things going on. One is eczema (which would be on my arms and armpits), and two, the above-the-neck stuff I am experiencing is probably not eczema but a kind of dermatitis from different product ingredients. I am going back on Monday to get a patch test done. They will put patches on my back, and I have to leave them on and not get my back wet for seventy-two hours ( what??). After the patches come off, they read them and can tell you what ingredients you are allergic to. Then, she said that they would get me to download an app that I could use to find out about all of my products and whether I could use them. Pretty impressive, right? I’m praying that I am not allergic to my filler!!!!! I wanted to let you all know this in case someone reading or someone you know might be going through the same thing. It’s been miserable, and I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel here. In the meantime, I discovered this for the itching and healing, plus it’s good to have around for anything!

Oh yeah, about the outfit! I saw this cinched boyfriend blazer when walking passed Express while shopping one day. I went in to give it a better look and liked it a lot. It’s so lightweight, and I didn’t have a blazer that was cinched in the back. This one also comes in black. I was a little confused about the color for spring/summer, but I have seen this rum raisin color in many stores lately. This is a great all-year-round blazer with a great price tag! I think it looks so great with white, and that’s precisely what I paired it with. Because I wanted to wear the blazer with white jeans, I also bought a  camisole in the same color. I chose these cute mule kitten heels that I have worn with almost everything lately and a vintage Fendi bag I have had for a long time. I know you probably get sick of seeing the same shoes and handbags on me, but I am trying to wear what I have in those departments and not buy too many new things. Bags and shoes are so expensive, so I try to get my cost per wear out of them.






I am headed to my second visit with our veterinarian today. Both of my dogs were overdue for exams and shots, and I am having to take them in one at a time. It’s so very stressful (haha, for them!). It’s so funny to me that dogs just know when you are taking them to the vet. The shaking starts halfway there. How do they know?

I hope you have a fantastic day! Be well and Stay safe! xx

BLAZER // CAMISOLE // JEANS // SHOES // BAG (vintage, similar) // SUNGLASSES // BELT