Hello, ladies! I hope you all are doing well! I had the craziest but most fun week last week and am still trying to catch up on sleep. I talked to a friend yesterday about how much longer it takes to recover when you get older. I had four huge nights in a row, and two of those were out of town. One was a girl’s night in Fort Worth at the Hotel Drover (highly recommend!), and the other was in Nashville to celebrate the 60th birthday of one of my best friends on earth! The birthday dinner was a beautiful event fit for a queen (that was the theme)! It was a black tie, and I found the perfect dress to take with me for a trip that was less than 24 hours. How amazing is this dress? It folded up, took hardly any space in my carry-on, and looked great when I put it on. I’m going to wear it to another wedding in Guatemala in November! Speaking of easy travel dresses, I am wearing just that!

I am chomping at the bit to break out all of my Spring colors; however, black is always in style for any season and is excellent for travel. I have a few upcoming trips and always think that black is one of the best colors to travel with. With black, you can get away with fewer shoes, and no one remembers your outfit as much as they do when it is a bright color. This dress is sleeveless, but it is genuinely a year-round dress and a dream to pack! I love a dress that can be changed and worn differently. I wanted to add a soft spring color, so I added this fantastic suede Moto jacket. I love this jacket and the price point! I can wear this dress with a sweater, shirt jacket, blazer, cardigan, or cotton shirt over it. It can be worn with heels, sneakers, boots, or flat sandals. It’s an easy dress to dress up with jewelry too.




I had a treatment called BBL (Broadband Light) yesterday. I have never done any laser treatments before, but I decided to do it to address the age spots and vascular lesions on my face. I also heard that it could help loose skin and help the uneven texture. I admit that I don’t have a lot of unevenness, but tightening loose skin and getting rid of age spots and broken capillaries sounds good. Anyway, I’m sure a lot of you have done it. I know what botox and filler feel like, but I was not ready for what BBL felt like. It’s quick but feels like a hot rubber band snapping against your face. I have already signed up for three more sessions (YIKES!). I was told that I would look like I had coffee grounds stuck on my face for a few days. I don’t look too bad this morning, but maybe the worst isn’t over yet. To add insult to injury, I am getting botox and a little filler today! I should look really good tomorrow (I’m a bruiser)! What we (I) do for beauty!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day! Stay safe and Be well! xx

Photos: Heather Johnson

Dress // Jacket // Shoes-slightly different (similar) // Bag (similar)