Hello, gang! I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! I still think that we are in July. Maybe because I was in vacation mode for a few days; whatever it is, I think a lot of you are feeling the same way. We arrived back in Dallas last night from five days in Montana. I feel bad saying this, but it was freezing (to me) on Saturday, so much so that I had to buy a puffer jacket! I stayed cold until we walked out of the baggage claim last night into the heat of Dallas. I’m not so hard anymore! We had a great time with friends in Montana. The highlight of the trip was horseback riding and walking down to feed them apples and love on them. Horses are so spiritual to me!

It’s not even the middle of August, but it seems everywhere I look, Fall Fashion Trends are front and center, especially the color RED (head to toe)! I can’t wear red near my face, but I may incorporate it in a small way. I think red is a major power color! Another trend is wearing sheer pieces (remember from last Friday?). Sheer pieces should offer enough coverage that you won’t feel naked, but they give a sexy vibe. I recommend wearing a tube top, stretch camisole, or darker bra underneath a sheer top, as I did in these photos. I don’t think my top is too risqué, especially with the dark bra. I love that sheer tops work so well under a blazer or jacket because they are so lightweight!

I was very unsure about the jeans I am wearing when I first saw them. An employee at Veronica Beard begged me to try them, and when I did, it was love! They flew off  the Veronica Beard website, but I found them here in most sizes (they are pricey, but I found similar below)! I like these jeans because they are like nothing I have in my closet, fit like a glove, and feel current. I can’t wait to wear them with a boot (maybe around October 1???) I wore them with a fun silver sandal and my trusty silver Bene bag that I use constantly!

Speaking of silver, shimmery metallics are another trend for Fall. Whether it be a bag, shoes, or a pair of jeans, you will see a lot of shimmer! Another huge trend is going to be voluminous skirts! Do you all remember the bubble skirt from the early 80s? I had a red one that I absolutely loved! I wish I had it now! Anyway, I think voluminous skirts look great with turtlenecks and tights another trend you will see in all colors). I will be featuring another trend on Friday that is one of my favorites!




We were so happy to come home and see our dogs last night. they were so glad to see us! The younger one sleeps on top of my head, and the other on a pillow right in the middle of us. They are spoiled rotten! I know that sounds dreadful to some, but it is pure heaven for me. It is the most comforting feeling! I have much to catch up on this week and lots of appointments!It’ss hair color week, YAY!

I hope you have a fantastic week! Be well and Stay safe! xx


Photos: Beckley & Co

A few more sheer tops and similar jeans below