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Hi, everyone! How are you all doing? I am so wiped out that it’s not even funny. It was a big weekend, and the party we had for my mom turned out great! She had so much fun and loved every minute of it! I have to tell you that if you need a fabulous caterer in Dallas, Stir Cafe is unreal. It was the first time we used them, and the food was amazing, and owner Jenny Scott was like having your best friend in your kitchen. Her sidekick Willie was so wonderful too! I also had Wow Balloons make a gorgeous balloon arch that was the hit of the party! I will be using both of these companies again and again!

I knew I would feel like posting a casual look today after the craziness of my weekend and wanted to show you this IRO boucle jacket that I have had for at least three years. It’s so classic that they are still making it. They always have black and white, but I have a blue and green in my closet and black and white. This is the perfect weight jacket for spring and summer! I love a good boucle jacket, and unfortunately don’t have the budget for this one, but if I did, it would be in my closet too! The IRO jacket looks so chic with jeans but works with skirts or over dresses. I got the jacket in size 34.

I have bought at least three of these cute graphic tees from Re/Done. I loved the sentiment of this tee I’m wearing. Sometimes I just feel that exact way (and this way too!)! Anyway, you know how I love a graphic tee, and they are just so fun. The Chanel belt was a bit of a splurge last year, but I went for it because it reverses to white, and it’s as though I have two belts for the price of one. I honestly cannot find it anymore but they may have it in a Chanel boutique. You certainly don’t need a Chanel belt to create this look. This one will look just as good!





Iro boucle jacket in black with graphic tee

I can’t believe I actually made it to my workout yesterday. My trainer went super easy on me, knowing how wiped out I was. I spent the rest of the day trying to clean my house. Guess what I started this past weekend and will be doing every day (giving myself 15 minutes) from now on? I downloaded Duolingo and will be trying to learn some Russian. I don’t know if I told you, but my grandbaby (due in July) is half Russian. I need to know a little of the language to know what it’s (they aren’t finding out what the sex is) Daddy will be saying!!! Anyway, I’ve learned how to say “this is my house” and “this is mama”! Russian is kind of (really) hard. The alphabet is different with 33 letters: 21 consonants, ten vowels, and two signs. I don’t even remember much Spanish from high school, so this will be interesting!

Heading to coffee with a friend, and then it’s hair color day, YAY!

Have a great day, everyone! Stay safe and well!

Oh, PS…I got nominated for the app’s favorite influencer in the Fashion category of Business Casual. If you all have it downloaded and feel like voting, I would so appreciate it!

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