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Black and White Look

Hello, my friends! How are you guys doing? I am good, for the most part. I woke up during the night after going to bed on Saturday with a massive toothache. And I have been down this road several times in my life, and it usually does not end up in a good way (like a root canal)! Anyway, I had pain on Sunday but couldn’t figure out which tooth it was. The pain sort of radiated. Anyway, long story short, I ended up at the dentist’s office yesterday, and after x-rays, they think it may be TMJ pain from clenching. Oh yeah, I am a clincher! I also believe it could be from sinus pressure because that has been through the roof, so I started antibiotics yesterday. My newest fashion accessory is going to be a night guard that I pick up in two weeks! Sexy!

Other than that, ordeal, life is pretty much the same. I am staying in most of the time, riding my bike, and doing much of nothing, although, I have so much to do! Sound familiar to anyone?

Today, I wanted to talk about a black and white look and this jacket from Iro.

This jacket is the Shavani jacket (when you click on the link, it shows in red, but go all the way to the site, and you will find it in white and black as well) in a boucle knit with frayed trim. I don’t know why I’ve never shown it, but I have it in the white, black, blue, and an army green (a couple of seasons ago). This is, without a doubt, my favorite spring and summer jacket. It’s so lightweight but very chic in the frayed boucle. I am wearing a size 34 for reference. You can literally wear it with anything. I usually pair it with a camisole (my favorite one) or a fitted tee. The black jacket is so great to have going in to fall when it is still quite warm outside.

Are you yawning at the jeans I’m wearing?

I swear I have worn these so much that I had to get a second pair because I got a stain on the first ones. I have them in blue and a blackish-grey too. And they are seriously my favorite jeans. I am living in them! The sandals were a pair that I bought at Alexandre Birman during an event in Dallas before COVID. I love them, but I haven’t had much of an opportunity to wear them. They are on sale, and this is a pair that could be worn into fall as well. I also bought this pair and damned if I haven’t ever put these on because of this stupid virus. They are on sale as well and are fabulous!!!! I suppose they will be my white sandal for next summer!

I also wanted to tell you about these bags.

They are both from a Dallas based company called Leatherology. Leatherology was started by a brother and sister who believe that great design and quality can be accessibly priced. They also work har to create gorgeous products using the finest materials, and all of them can be personalized. They don’t put their logo on the front of the bags so that each piece can be personalized to make it your own. I love their products!

I am carrying the Medium Addison Shoulder Bag in camel and had my monogram put front and center. Monograms can be debossed or handpainted. This is a great bag to carry every day with a removable top handle and shoulder strap. I also have the Aleena Soft Zippered Tote in black with my initials front and center again. This bag is my new favorite travel bag. The leather is super soft, and this bag has tons of room to carry my laptop, magazines, water bottle, and snacks! Leatherology carries pieces for men as well and has so much to choose from. Their pieces make great gifts!





Black Leatherology Leather Tote Black and White Look on The Middle Page Blog White Jacket and White Jeans With Leatherology Camel Bag Leatherology Camel Monogram Bag on The Middle Page Blog

I am getting out today and meeting my good friend from junior high and high school for lunch. And then it is hair color day (WooHoo!!!). I still haven’t gotten used to seeing everyone in a mask. I feel like I am living in a Sci-Fi movie or dream (and it’s not a good one). It’s just so dang weird! The good news is that I can get dressed today, maybe in this exact black and white look!

I hope you all have a great day! Be well and safe! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

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