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Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! What was the consensus of the Super Bowl halftime show and commercials? Of course I go right to those, because I didn’t have an affection for either team that played. I thought Lady Gaga was amazing! Did you know her suit and shoes were custom made by Gucci, and that she was wearing 20 carat diamond studs? Nice!!!

Speaking of jewels, I am so excited to share these dainty gold beaded stud earrings by LAGOS. They are part of the Caviar Gold Collection, and could not be more versatile! I am usually getting dressed walking out the door, and sometimes getting accessorized doesn’t happen because of it. What I love so much about these earrings, is that they are not only beautiful, but effortless, meaning I don’t have to question whether they will go with an outfit, because the answer is always going to be yes they will! They are a quick throw on and look super sophisticated with whatever you are wearing. I really love the simplicity of them!

LAGOS makes really beautiful and affordable jewelry. You might remember the X bracelet I wore HERE. I have worn this piece with everything! The Caviar style beading is uniquely known as a LAGOS signature. The nice thing about LAGOS, is that there are so many options, whether you prefer silver, gold, or mixed metal. Also, they have so many gemstones to choose from! Some of my favorite pieces, are this key pendant (perfect for a Kappa girl!), this beautiful diamond cross, this signature caviar necklace, the diamond beaded ring, this gold band ring, the love knot earring, the infinity hoop earring, and the diamond single station bracelet. OMG…I could go on and on!!!

If your significant other is a little slow to purchase for Valentines Day, these are great ideas and pieces that will last a lifetime (or you could just buy a “love” gift for yourself!!!). I have loved my LAGOS pieces, and think you will too!


Thank you Lagos for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

Jacket (I think I’ve had this about 4 or 5 years, they bring it back constantly!) // Top (similar, and similar)// Jeans// Boots// Earrings// Bangle (Hermes)// Bag// Sunglasses