Leather blazer for the summer and white pants on Dallas Blogger Dallas Blogger in camel leather blazer and white jeans

Hello, my friends! How was your Memorial Day weekend? I, for one, am exhausted. We went out to dinner Saturday night with friends and then had the family plus my brother’s family over to celebrate my dad’s life on Sunday. Last night we did it again for Memorial Day in the rain (was like a monsoon). My poor husband stayed in the kitchen all weekend (he’s the cook, and I am the cleaner). I have never known Dallas to rain this much or be this cool at the start of June. Usually, it’s already hot, but our temperatures will not be over 85 for the next ten days. I’m not complaining about the temps, but the rain is starting to get to me!


On to today’s outfit, which is a leather blazer for the summer. I had been trying to photograph this leather blazer for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t want to shoot it in the rain. I finally got a chance to photograph it, and now sizes are minimal. The main reason for showing a leather blazer for summer is it’s cold in restaurants and stores. Case in point, we were all freezing on Saturday night at the restaurant where we had dinner.

I wonder if they are cranking the air up more as they do in operating rooms to keep the germs at bay. Anyway, I did not have a jacket, and I was miserable. Don’t discount a leather blazer for summer, especially at night. I have so many leather jackets that I wear in the summer, and if money were not an object, this girl would be in my closet! Leather blazers or jackets are perfect layered over a tank like the one I am wearing (it happens to be on sale). I do love the color of this blazer and have linked more below in similar colors.

How I Style My Leather Blazer

Also, I am wearing the bracelet from Corace Collection that I wore here, plus a few more necklaces from the brand. I love everything that I have gotten from them. My earrings are huge gold hoops that I have had so much fun wearing lately. The sandals are from Stella McCartney and are super cool and comfortable (I bought my normal size 8). They were a sandal splurge for me, but I will be wearing them all summer long. I need to purchase another pair of white jeans because I keep spilling on the pair I am wearing. Thank God for Shout Wipes! I keep them in my car, toiletry bag, and laundry room. They have saved my clothes and my upholstery!

One more quick item to throw at you all. I have been using Collective Laboratories Shampoo, Conditioner, and Serum for a few weeks to see how I like it. I bring it up for some of you that are experiencing hair thinning. It’s a clean brand and safe to use every day. I don’t have any thinning but like to pass along products that I like or are helpful.





woman wearing LEATHER BLAZER FOR THE SUMMER and white pants Dallas Blogger in Veronica Beard leather blazer and white jeans Leather blazer for the summer on Dallas Blogger and hand on pocket closeup of LEATHER BLAZER FOR THE SUMMER and animal print top woman sitting on the stairs and resting her face on her hand woman's white pants and flats with gold chain woman's arm with bracelet and watch

It’s hard to get back in the swing after a long weekend. I have a few things on my schedule today. I need to spend most of the week getting ready for my grandchildren to come. They (along with their parents) will get here on Saturday and be here for two weeks! We have a small pool, and they love swimming, but I need to think of some things to have on hand to do if the weather is bad. They are not big “players,” so it’s hard to come up with ideas. My grandson would watch football all day long if you let him. If you all have ideas for a six and eight-year-old, I would love to hear!

Have a great day, everyone! xx

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Leather Blazer // Camisole // Jeans, old (very similar) // Belt (real deal and similar) // Sandals // Bag (similar) // Earrings