Dallas female blogger wearing Blogger one of the STATEMENT TOPS for summer and jeans Dallas female blogger wearing Blogger one of the STATEMENT TOPS for summer and jeans


Hello there (a day late)! I always post on Friday, but this week didn’t allow me to do so. So, we got back from Ohio this past Monday and left for Montgomery, Alabama, on Wednesday to see my in-laws. Also, I should have had a post prepared before we left, but honestly, I did not have enough time. I got to Montgomery and didn’t want to go straight into work mode. Because I haven’t been there in so long, I wanted to catch up with my in-laws and two of my best buddies. I spent the day on Thursday with my two friends, and my heart was so full seeing them in the flesh. We have known each other for what seems like a lifetime (we met in our early twenties).

Yesterday, we drove up to Lake Martin (between Montgomery and Birmingham) and hung out at my sister-in-law’s lake house. The weather could not have been more beautiful to sit out on the screen porch listening to the water and catching up on this blog. We stayed the day, had dinner at a cool spot, then headed back to Montgomery. We will be heading home tomorrow. Being in the sunshine and around the lake had me thinking summer, and I wanted to show you all the ten statement tops that will take you into summer (my favorites).

Statement Top from Veronica Beard

When I pick out anything to show you all, I consider a few things. First, I always try to make sure that what I link is available in all sizes. I consider the sleeve, top length (no crop tops), dress or skirt hem length, and whether or not I would actually wear it. As I have been out shopping or looking online, so many tops lately have been cropped, and that is usually a big fat no for me (unless I pair it with a very high waist pant or skirt).

A statement top is what I wanted to show today. Sleeves have never been so important as they have been as of late. I would love to wear a top like this (because…major statement!), but would look like a cupcake! Some tops and or blouses are too voluminous, especially if you have a small frame or are shorter. I’ve tried to wear more voluminous tops, but they don’t work on my small frame. If you are taller and can pull it off, I say go for it! Sometimes, more ruffles on a top can come across as too young (example here).

The top I am wearing is from Veronica Beard and is statement enough for me. It has just the right amount of ruffle and is pretty and feminine. I like the terracotta color but found it in a beautiful green and white (here). My jeans are from Veronica Beard as well. They are super long (if you are tall), and I have kept them that way for now, but I might cut them off to wear with flats. Flares with heels do make your legs look really long, so why would I cut them off??? Probably because I am more of a flats girl in the summer.

Corace Collection Jewelry

I also want to introduce you to a beautiful jewelry brand called Corace Collection. It is all 18k gold-filled jewelry considered the very best in jewelry finishes apart from solid gold. It is waterproof, sweatproof, and tarnish-proof. I am wearing the Alessia diamond tennis bracelet and the Icy Cuban bracelet. I have a couple of necklaces from the brand, too, that I am loving! All of the pieces are fabulous!






woman earing sunglasses, ruffled top, and jeans woman earing sunglasses, ruffled top one of the top ten statement tops, and jeans woman's arm wearing bracelets, watch, and a ring woman wearing one of the statement tops with ruffles and holding her hair woman's leather bag

Mask-Free with My Statement Top

We have a low-key day today to hang out with my in-laws and a few more family members; then, we will head home tomorrow. I have much to catch up on (like booking a colonoscopy, YUCK) and much to look forward to (my daughter’s baby shower) in the next few weeks. Can I tell you all how happy I am not to wear a mask! No one has worn them in Montgomery, and it has been amazing to see everyone’s smiling faces!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

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