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Hello, ladies! How are you all? We had a super cold weekend here, and I finally got out for dinner on Saturday night. I had not left my house since January 2nd! I felt like it was March 2020 again! Anyway, it sounds like so many of you or someone in your family had Covid too. Glad to have that box checked off and on to better things! Speaking of better things, how cute is our new baby girl? Meet Lottie, our new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!

We are so in love with this girl already; however, she is killing me at night! Our first week was not great during the night, but things are getting somewhat better. It’s hard to get upset with a face like hers! She has quickly figured out that the lap is the best place to be! There is nothing better than a puppy! She is pretty perfect except for one thing.  She has started to try and eat her poop, which is not going to work for me! Does anyone have suggestions for that?

Styling My Coat

The weather could not have been nicer when we shot these photos last week. I had ordered this (what I think) perfect bouclé “coat-igan.” This is the greatest piece to have in your closet to wear all year round. It’s just right for nice days in the winter, spring, and fall, and in the summer in the frigid air conditioning. I love the longer silhouette to wear with jeans and a heel. I paired it with an older graphic tee, my favorite jeans of the moment, and a bootie. You all will love the price too! I think everyone needs this piece in their life!




woman with LOTTIE and her dog

I couldn’t leave out a photo of my A Number 1 girl, Maisie (best dog ever!) This little puppy has a lot to live up to! My husband saw this photo and said, there are my three red-headed bitches! Haha, well, that all depends on the day! Here’s to having a “bitch” free day!

Stay well and be safe! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

Bouclé Coat // Tee (similar) // Jeans (different wash here and here on sale) // Boots (similar) // Belt (similar)


A few more bouclé pieces below