woman wearing THE JANUARY BLUES ALREADY woman posing and wearing THE JANUARY BLUES ALREADY

Hello, everyone! Well, I spoke way too soon last Friday. I said I was feeling better and thought I might be over Omicron. Not what happened at all. I honestly felt so much better on Saturday and thankful to be on the other end of this Covid variant until I wasn’t on Sunday. I’ve been hearing that this virus comes in waves. One day you may feel fine, and the next, you are sick again. I woke up on Sunday with the worst headache and stomach issues (from the backside) that lasted all day long.

Monday started the same way, except it was from both ends (sorry to be graphic, but trying to tell what my symptoms were) and that horrible headache! I finally turned the corner yesterday afternoon. When I tested positive for Covid, I thought I was lucky to have the least severe strain, but that was not how it was for me! Anyone else out there sick with it?


I have the January blues already (that’s why I chose all blue). I think because it’s been so dreary around my house. Also, I am ready to get out of here and ready to get dressed again! I have not gotten out of my pajamas in over a week (yes, I have washed and changed them daily!). I bought this shacket (online) while I was in Florida after Christmas. Shackets are the best outerwear piece for warmer climates but work when you live in colder areas. For warmer climates, a lightweight top and a shacket are all you need for keeping warm on most days.

If you live in a colder climate, you know the drill and how to layer like pros! I love the length of this shacket because my other two are much shorter. I paired it with an easy long sleeve tee, jeans, and booties for an easy look for anything I do during the day.

Do you all have a leopard belt? I pull this one out and wear it more than any of my belts because it goes with everything. It’s pricey, but I look at the cost per wear, which has probably paid for itself in the last six months. I love the booties I am wearing. They are from Veronica Beard, and I have the same pair in a leopard print (last year) too. They are so darn comfortable! I thought this color was perfect to wear with everything. It’s called Moss and has a little green tone. They sold out and are somewhat re-stocked again. My blue bag is vintage.






woman wearing blue shirt, jacket, and jeans for THE JANUARY BLUES ALREADY woman wearing blue jacket for THE JANUARY BLUES ALREADY

woman wearing blue jeans and jacket for THE JANUARY BLUES ALREADY

What do you do to combat the January blues? You get a puppy!

She’s here and just the cutest thing ever! We named her Lottie (I always give my Cavaliers a British name). She looks just like Maisie did as a puppy because they are related. Maisie’s grandmother is Lottie’s great-grandmother. Anyway, puppy training is zero fun! I forgot that part! She’s actually doing pretty good. I always use a bell on the back door to signal it’s potty time, and she’s already ringing it. I’m super tired, though, because I am getting up at three in the morning to let her pee on top of being sick. We will get there!

I hope you all have a great day! Stay WELL and be safe! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

Shacket // Tee // Jeans (different wash) // Belt // Boots // Bag (similar)