Hello, ladies! How are you managing? I hope most of you will say that you are great, ready for Christmas, and enjoying the season. I am not quite ready. We had Christmas with our oldest grandkids on Sunday night, so that had to be done, but I am still trying to wrap and finish up for the rest. There comes the point where you just have to stop! We were supposed to go to Alabama today to visit my in-laws, but we canceled because we have been around so many sick people and didn’t want to chance taking something to them. I think everyone is sick right now!

It is going to be so cold here starting tomorrow, and I am so excited about it. If you live in the South like me, you never know what Christmas day will be like. I remember many Christmas days being eighty degrees, which does not feel like Christmas. I want it cold and to snow (not in the forecast), but I will take the cold for sure! Christmas morning curled up by a fire sounds lovely! I will not be wearing this cozy and soft little blazer outside this week, but I sure do love it! This is one of those pieces that gets pulled out of my closet repeatedly because it is so darn comfy yet polished.

I love classic pieces like this blazer because you can make it look more refined with a button-down shirt or add a sexy little cami to liven it up. With this blazer, you will feel comfortable either way. I added a black ribbed button-down top (also very comfy), jeans, and my favorite gunmetal lame loafers (of late). These loafers are so comfortable that they are always a go-to for me.




I am glad I am in town today because my best friend (we met when we were twelve) is having a lumpectomy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in late September and is having the surgery today. She doesn’t live here but is using all of my doctors, so I want to be there for her. Before I head to the hospital, another good friend has a breast biopsy, so I will meet her after it is over to discuss. Ladies, if you haven’t scheduled a mammogram or are late getting one, please make your appointments for 2023! I have never known so many women to have breast cancer (or scares) at one time. I’m only talking about two out of three more that I know of right now.

I wanted to write one last post for the year to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (taking off next week). I know that things look and feel out of sorts for many, but I know that Jesus is in control and nothing is new under the sun for him. I have to remind myself daily of that. Please know how appreciative I am that you come and read this blog and support me. It means so much!

I wish you all so much love, joy, health, and happiness!

Be Well and Stay Safe! xx

Photos: Heather Johnson

Blazer // Shirt // Jeans (less expensive)// Shoes // Belt