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Happy November! Can you believe the holidays are almost here? YIKES!!! I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend! Mine could not have been more fun. Halloween night, we took a little elephant trick or treating. Oh my gosh…my little grand son was THE cutest little elephant EVER!!! His dad taught him to say “Roll Tide Roll” for what the elephant says! He was the cutest thing going all night long! My heart was about to bust watching that little 21 month old following the “big” kids up to each door. There is nothing like this grandparent thing!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping and more shopping. If you live in Dallas, you know about Partners Card, but if you don’t live here, we have a week here in October, where most all of the stores give 20% off and the money goes to The Family Place. I have bought the card every year that we have lived here, and every year at this time, I feel so much stress to get Christmas gifts bought. I have to say (after being so stressed), I did good, and I am ahead of the game at this point!

Last week, I posted on a favorite boutique in Dallas called MINE (post here). Today, I am doing a part two, because I love so many things there. I have said that I really do have a thing for fur (I know, it’s not good…but I am honest), so when I saw this vest, I naturally went straight to it! I love the juxtaposition of the fur, lace top and camo print jeans! I have seen so much camo lately, but for me, I like it below the belt. I will wear these jeans with gray and black tops too! What are your thoughts on camo?

Today,  I am trying to learn photoshop to make this blog more fun! I am what is known as a “special needs” blogger. Wish me luck, because my brain needs it!!! Thank you for reading!!!


Fur//C LUCE, Blouse// DOLCE VITA, Jeans// CITIZENS, Boots//DOLCE VITA, Sunglasses// DIOR, Nail Polish// ESSIE, BALLET SLIPPER


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