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 Jumpsuit (on sale and I can’t stand that I paid full price), ANTHROPOLGIE // Military Jacket (also on sale, WTHeck?!), LILY ALDRIDGE FOR VELVET // Bag, BALENCIAGA // Shoes, old, but have no fear — TOPSHOP IS HERE// Gold Bangle– gift, SIMILAR HERE and WAYYY LESS EXPENSIVE HERE // Arm Band, custom order through OPALMILK // Earrings, old Kendra Scott, SIMILARISH HERE

Good morning, sugar plums! I say “good morning” in a jolly tone, as I wrote this post yesterday from a wicked-cool office in San Francisco with views of all of the shops in Union Square. Chances are highly likely that as sure as you are reading this, I am rushing through an airport with my eyes glazed over in a fatigued stupor, cranky as all get out, attempting to be chipper for my traveling partner. Mornings. They work for some people. There are those who enjoy the sunrise… and they must have some crack-infused coffee that they are hiding from me  (if you know where to find this mythical morning beverage, kindly send me the link).

Today I have an eight hour travel day (Control your jealousy, please). However, while some people loathe the germy infestation of recycled air that blows around in the metal tubes of air transportation, I love planes. Not because flying is cool or fascinating to me, but because I sleep like a baby when I’m thousands of feet above the ground. The second that the pilot reaches cruising altitude, I’m typically out cold with my face smushed against the window, mouth agape, drooling. Flying is when people get to see me in my most attractive light and I’m anxious to see how my travel partner responds to my snoring-drooling-womanliness. FUN FACT: I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve woken up on planes snuggled up on a stranger’s shoulder. Most times, it’s businessmen working on reports on their laptops, completely comfortable with in-air cuddle sessions. Waking up from these intimate moments is the worst, because I have to turn my oddly violated body away and avoid eye contact with the stranger who most definitely has a selfie as proof that I sleep with my mouth open.

As a frequent plane sleeper, I’ve learned to dress for the occasion. Boyfriend jeans, leggings, floor length jersey skirts and dresses are all the bomb-dot-cozy-com. Heels are totally cool for clacking through the airport — as long as wool socks (or those scary unattractive fuzzy ones) are readily available in my carry on. I always take an oversize scarf with me, not because I’m cold, but because the security of a blankie always makes sleeping feel more appropriate. Sunglasses? The ultimate chic eye mask. I’m sure people think I’m a Diva who takes myself too seriously, but that’s fine by me as long as they leave me alone to dream in the clouds.

A jumpsuit like the one I have on in these photos would be perfect, because the material is soft like a bedazzled onesie. This military jacket is right up the travel alley too, because it hangs loose. In my opinion, sleeping in something constricting is an insult to my God-given limbs. And I pack a small purse when I travel so I can just toss it in my “personal item.” It’s my little way to cheat the system. One carry-on and one personal item allowed? I just snuck three past security (IN YOUR FACE, TSA). What can I say– rebelling comes naturally to me.

As I wrap this post up, I hope you will do me a favor and send good vibes in the direction of my travel partner. The Good Lord knows as well as you now do that — in airports–I’m a boring handful.

Now go buy all of the clothes that I bought full price on sale and get my look for less, you fashion hyenas!

Don’t hit snooze more than once,

Alex (Boo) @theBoohemian

Photos by the wizardly Mary Summers