Happy Halloween! Do you all miss the days of getting your children ready to go and Trick or Treat? I did when they were in grade school and younger, and that is why I am excited to see the grand “littles” tonight. One is going as “King Candy” and the other as “Princess Lolly.” I think it’s so fun to see all of the little ones in costume! We’ve had them for the last two nights and boy does it take a village! How did I raise three children with a husband that traveled some without either set of parents living close by? I don’t remember it seeming so hard! I had a conference call yesterday, with my granddaughter here with me, and it was a disaster. Why is it that when you get on the phone, they turn into little devils? She threw play-doh and cookie cutters everywhere, had to poop, and ran around like a crazy person all while the call was going on! Lordy! As soon as I was finished with the call, she was back to being a little angel!

When the temperatures start to get cooler, my favorite thing to wear is a blazer over a tee. That is why I am slightly (okay, a lot) obsessed with the Veronica Beard brand! If I could, I would buy almost all of my wardrobe from those cute girls! Did you know that Veronica Beard is two women named Veronica Beard? They are sisters-in-law married to brothers. They launched their brand in 2010 with their signature Dickey Jacket, which I think is genius! They opened a store in Highland Park Village in Dallas recently, and I got a chance to talk with them at the opening party. They are the cutest and most down to earth women, probably in their early 40’s. They have eight children between them (we are talking younger children). I love the fact that they are inspired by the ease of a “daily uniform” and created iconic pieces that are designed to make getting dressed easy, chic, and simple. I guess if you have that many children a uniform is key!

The blazer I am wearing is this exclusive Leon Dickey Jacket. It has 3/4 sleeves and looks so cute over jeans or a skirt, but would look great over a dress too. Most of the jackets have zippers on both sides that you add a dickey (who in the heck came up with that name) too. Remember adding a turtleneck dickey under a sweater so it wouldn’t get all bulky with the whole one underneath? It’s the same idea…you don’t look bulky! Watch their cute video here. I have posted on Veronica Beard, here and here before, because I am such a fan! If you want to start out with a classic jacket, I would get either the Classic Dickey Jacket or the Scuba Jacket. I have the Scuba in the black and white and have collected different dickeys to interchange.

I have also become addicted to Veronica Beard Denim. The jeans I am wearing are so flattering! I bought them, then went back and got this pair. They fit me as well as any denim I’ve ever worn.

I added this gorgeous cashmere scarf by Angela Horton. I love supporting sweet people, and Angela is just that! She has such beautiful cashmere sweaters, but the scarf is a no-brainer at $80! I am wearing the denim blue (that is a custom color), but there are many colors to choose from, and they can be monogrammed. When I tell you that they are so soft, I am not kidding! These will make great Christmas gifts!

Another brand that I love right now is a shoe brand called Birdies. They are the cutest and most comfy slipper for indoor and outdoor wear (have only been wearing outside). I was reading InStyle magazine and saw a picture of Meghan Markle in the cutest shoes. I went to the website and ordered a pair immediately. They all have a cushioned latex foam insoles or shearling to make them uber comfy and all are $140!  I’m wearing the “Blackbird” and ordered a half size up.

I hope you all have a great day! Can you believe tomorrow is November? xx

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

Veronica Beard Jacket (wearing a size 0) c/0 // Veronica Beard Jean  (wearing a size 24)// White Tee // Angela Horton Scarf // Birdies Slippers // Chanel Bag