two women wearing their Nordstrom Anniversary Picks

Hello, everyone! I hope you have had a good week! I still have my friend here who is recuperating from surgery. She is doing great, and it’s been fun having her here. My puppy, Lottie, went into heat (yuck), so we are dealing with that! She is pretty embarrassed wearing her neon green diaper! This has been a crazy few days! I have been working on getting my Nordstrom Anniversary picks together and going through all the pages, which has been tiring. So, I have been keeping a list of everything that I think is worthy. I’m so sorry to say that there are already some great pieces that are sold out (like the green leather jacket above).


 I went to the store yesterday morning at 8:00 to look at everything and do some trying-on. The leather jacket Heather and I have on is my favorite piece in the sale and, unfortunately, sold out. I will tell you that even though it is sold out, Nordstrom does do some re-stocking, and people will return things. Keep an eye out for this jacket if you continue to get on the site during the sale. A coated tan leather jacket (jean jacket style) and pants from L’Agence are also sold out. If you see the jacket back on the site, grab the jacket! I would not get the pant. They fit funny and gave me a camel toe (which is unacceptable!).


So, what would I suggest purchasing? This cashmere sweater I buy every year during the sale and love it! I may get the peach color because I have it in all the colors offered. This faux leather moto jacket looked perfect, and at $59.99, I think it is a no-brainer. I am obsessed with this houndstooth blazer and the flare corduroy pants from Veronica Beard (I tried them on, and they are darling). I have them in my cart but haven’t pulled the trigger because I had just bought a pair of green flares from Paige.

Speaking of Paige, this cute cotton-blend sweater tank is so cute and will be great under a jacket come fall. Also, it comes in this beautiful forest green. This simple black dress from Vince is great for under $125. A simple black dress is something every closet should have. So, I know this sounds morbid, but having a “funeral” dress is always good. I attended a funeral back in the spring and was scrambling to find something. You all know that jeans are my jam and I usually buy designer styles. Also, I tried and purchased this pair from Pistola and love them. They are $85.90!


I am also obsessed with a pair of shoes from the sale. These open-toe suede sandals are fabulous! They also come in a dark navy and plaid print. I got them in the black embossed style (it comes in silver too). I think this is a great black sandal slide too. Also, I have purchased a few pairs of this boot from Veronica Beard in the past, and it is super comfy! I think a gold sandal is a must and this one has a great heel! And, just for fun, I love this Cult Gaia slide sandal!

I know this is a lot, but I recommend getting what you need. If it’s basic tees and sweaters, now is the time to get them at a discounted price. Take advantage of this sale if you need a pair of boots or running shoes. I’m not going crazy this year. So, I’m getting a few things that I really like and a few beauty products (I will be adding that next week) that I want to stock up on. Again, I apologize if things are already gone. It’s been a whirlwind!

Have a great day! Stay well and be safe! xx