woman in shirt and jeans from NORDSTROM SALE woman in orange shirt and denim pants from NORDSTROM SALE

Hello! How is everyone? If you live in Texas, I know the answer! What in the world is going on with the weather? There is no day in sight for the next week with temperatures under 100! This has been going on for two or three weeks now, and I’m over it! Ercot, who operates the state of Texas’electric power grid, has warned of potential rolling blackouts. Ugh! I ordered a few of these Battery Powered Oscillating Fans a while back and need to order a few more. I guess these would be a help if the power does go out. Just as I am getting all my kids back in Dallas, a few are talking about moving to someplace where it doesn’t get this hot in the summer! Arrrgghhh!

My friend who had surgery left feeling good this past Saturday. It was fun to have her here for the week. I mentioned that my husband and sister had a gastro bug, but it’s been four weeks now, and they are still not completely better. My husband has lost about twelve pounds, and I made him get tested for a parasite. I think that is what they both have, and I think it came from eating ham sandwiches. They were the only two that did so. Also, I think ham is disgusting, and I will never eat it after what I’ve seen them go through!


I wanted to show you all my picks for Beauty and Intimates from the Nordstrom Sale. I think beauty and pajamas are great to stock up on for yourself. But I would think about the holidays and grabbing a few items to give as gifts while they are on sale. This Barefoot Dreams Wrap would be a great gift for a mom or mother-in-law. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up in this (obviously not now!)? I also think these silk pajamas are so pretty in brown mink. I personally stock up on these seamless briefs (I hate the word panty!) that are one size fits all.

As far as beauty products go, I have stocked up on this Olaplex Set. I am obsessed with the entire line! I talk about Slip silk pillowcases every year during this sale. This is a great gift; if you don’t sleep on one, you are not helping your skin or hair. They are fantastic! I stock up on this mascara every chance I get! I have been using it for years and will never stop because it helps your lashes grow with lash growth peptide. So, I know it’s expensive, but this has become one of my favorite fragrances to wear! Also, I am thinking about buying this Pro Facial Steamer. I probably should be using this instead of sticking my head over a pot of boiling water! Has anyone tried it?

woman walking woman in white blazer and orange shirt for Nordstrom anniversary sale

I took these photos a few weeks back, and of course, the blazer is long gone.

However, I wanted to show a white linen blazer for summer, and I found this amazing one¬†and it is a lot less expensive! This is a note to me that if I want any white blazer or jacket, it needs to be purchased in April or May. They are hard to find in July! I love this cute graphic tee by Mother. I’m such a sucker for orange! What am I wearing under these jeans? My favorite briefs! My beautiful liquid gold necklace is so fun to mix with other pieces. This is from Petra Jewels. One of the owners is a sorority sister of mine, and they have great pieces that are not as expensive because they don’t have a storefront. Follow their Instagram because they have shows in Dallas and around Texas (and some other states).

I am wiped out already this week.

I had my puppy at the Emergency Vet late on Saturday and Sunday night, then back to my vet yesterday. Also, I mentioned she was in heat, and she is so fricking dramatic! She won’t pee when we take her out, and we were worried that something was wrong. First of all, I have never seen a vagina on a dog in heat as big (it looks like she has a growth)! Even my vet was like WOW (and this dog is petite)! She is being treated for a UTI, but my vet thinks she is just being dramatic because she is in heat. Why didn’t we get her spayed at six months, you ask? Our vet won’t spay them unless they go through one cycle. Did you know that a dog’s cycle lasts three weeks??? I found that out with our other Cavalier, and we had to go through it twice because of Covid lockdowns. Lord, help me!

I hope you all have a great day! Stay well and be safe! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

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