Hello, ladies! How are you? I have been home a lot so far this month. January always seems like a hibernation month, but I like it. I will be busy enough in a few weeks, so being home now makes me happy. I have a new grandbaby coming in a few weeks so I will be heading to California at the end of the month. I’m so excited; however, I wish they were still living here! You raise your kids to make their own decisions, right? Since I will be headed out of town for over a week, packing will be important. I found a great dress that can be worn two ways (actually more).

A black dress(es) is something everyone needs. We all know that a black dress can do so much. They always look chic and appropriate. I found this black dress and bought it for the shirtdress style but also its versatility and softness. This dress looks fantastic on its own, but I threw a plaid vest over it to give it a totally different look. How cute is the vest (you won’t believe the price)? It’s super soft and looks fabulous over a white button down too. Anyway, this black dress would also be fantastic with a blazer or cardigan over it. There are so many options for a dress like this, especially if you are traveling and need to condense. I chose to wear boots with both looks, but a kitten heel would look super chic with the dress, and a pair of sneakers would be another choice worn with the vest. This is a great dress!


DRESS // BOOTS (Similar) // BAG (Similar)

I’ve been thinking and praying a lot for several of my friends with breast cancer. I’ve been hearing (so much) lately about others who have gotten the diagnosis. Ladies, it’s a new year, so please ensure you have scheduled your mammograms. The other thing you can do to be proactive is to do your monthly exams at home. Early detection is critical, which is one reason I feel like I’m still here!

Have a great day! Be well and Stay safe! xx

Photos: Heather Johnson