The Middle Page wearing Pearly cardigan from Sandro Cathy Williamson wearing Sandro Cardigan with White Jeans and Chanel Belt

Hi, everyone! How are you all holding up? It’s been tough to watch the news and see how fast this monster is spreading. My heart is so heavy for everyone that is on the front lines. I can’t imagine how horrible this is for the doctors and nurses right now. If you are in the medical field and are reading this, thank you so much for all you do! Our weekend was probably like yours, not much going on. We finished the last season of Ozark and holy sh*t! Have you all seen it? It is so intense! We started Jack Ryan last night, and I’m already hooked. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been sleeping!

Pearly Cardigan

As I said in my previous post, I have some photos in my archives, and I might as well show them, right? I mean, we are going to be getting dressed and leaving the house at some point (I hope)! Back in the old days (beginning of March), when we could shop in person, I stopped in at Sandro. That store always draws me in because they have the best fragrance piped into the store.

I was looking through the first rack and came upon this cardigan with the big pearl buttons. And I absolutely loved it and had to get it. I don’t usually wear a lot of “pearly” things, but I thought this cardigan was the cutest thing I’ve seen. I paired it with white jeans, but wouldn’t it look cute with a pair of faded black denim or a black faux leather skirt (on sale)? But I do love it with white, though, because black and white are one of my favorite combos for spring.

We watched our church online (Highland Park United Methodist Church) on Sunday, and our minister had Four Truths for feeling like you can’t take this one more day or feel overwhelmed. I thought about all of you while he was speaking and want to share them.

Four Truths

  1. TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME. We all know that saying, but it is particularly relevant right now not to skip ahead and worry about tomorrow.
  2. FALL OUT OF FORMATION AND REST. Our minister referenced the flight pattern of geese and how they fly in a V with one goose in the lead at the front. When the head goose tires, he flies all the way to the back and lets another one take the lead until he is rested. This is especially for those in healthcare, parents, and those who take care of others.
  3. DO FOR ONE WHAT YOU WISH YOU COULD DO FOR EVERYONE. I love this! We are all feeling very small right now and want to try to help so many people. If we all do for one ( call one person, buy groceries for one person, etc.) person, think of how many people we can help collectively.
  4. SHOW GRATITUDE. We’ve all heard this, but I think this is so important. I remember going through the worst days of my breast cancer and thanking God each morning for my healing, even though I had no idea what the outcome was going to be. I am thanking God for the littlest things right now. Like the flowers blooming and the sunshine and the big things too.

I hope this helps a little bit.


Over 50 Fashion Blogger wearing Sandro Cardigan and white jeans Cathy Williamson wearing Sandro Cardigan with Pearly Buttons and White Jeans with a Chanel Belt Over 40 blogger wearing Chanel purse and Chanel belt paired with Sandro Cardigan Dallas Fashion blogger wearing pearly sandro cardigan

What are you all up to today? I bet it looks a lot like what I am doing! I cleaned out my underwear drawer yesterday and guess I will tackle another drawer today. The good news is that the sun is shining for the first time in about five days, so I am grateful! Have a great day, and stay well! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

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