Pink Satin Maxi Dress with Grey Leather Jacket Soft Satin Maxi Dress with Grey Leather Jacket

Good Morning from sunny Naples! I’m sorry if you are in Dallas or any other place where the weather is crappy today, I don’t mean to ruin your day, but It is glorious here. We arrived yesterday afternoon and quickly threw off the sweaters! The last time we were here with my son, daughter in law and her family, the grandchildren were still very little. This time they can do most everything with the crew. This should be a fun “spring break” for us! Today we are hanging out at the beach and tomorrow we are on a boat all day. Today, however, is all about this pink satin maxi dress that is perfect for every occasion.

This pink satin maxi dress is a designer look alike

I was walking through Northpark Mall last week headed to Zara when this pink satin maxi dress caught my eye in the window of Banana Republic. It’s a gorgeous dress, and I love the color, but that’s not why I stopped. The first thing I thought when I saw it, was it looked so similar to some of the dresses by Ulla Johnson (like this one). Ulla Johnson is one of my favorite designers, but her prices are a little steep for some of her dresses. The dress I am wearing gives me the look but at a fraction of the price. It came in blue, but that quickly sold out, as I suspect this one will too.

As I was writing this last night and this morning, all sizes are available, and you can get 40% off with code: BRSPECIAL3 (I bought the 0 for reference). Because it was so freezing last week when we shot this, I threw on the grey leather jacket (it has a leopard print on the inside!) I bought in Los Angeles a few weeks back (here). I love my leather jackets from Iro! They aren’t cheap, but they will last forever! I would rather put the money into pieces that stand the test of time, and the jacket is one of them.

This dress will take you to any event you attend and more

Back to the pink satin dress! This dress will take you to most events you are headed for this spring. Think Easter, Mother’s Day, Bridal or Baby Showers, Weddings, Graduations, a Beach Trip, you name it! It’s hard to find dresses that are under $200 these days, but luckily this one is. I know some of you don’t like sleeveless, but you can easily add a sweater or a jacket over it.  I chose to wear a flat sandal with the dress, and these are so pretty with the crystals on a faux leather snake print. They come in at $100. You could wear wedges, heels, or a bootie with this dress as well. Have I sold you on the dress yet? I think it’s a perfect one!




Soft Satin Maxi Dress with Grey Leather Jacket Pink Satin Maxi Dress with Grey Leather Jacket A Spring Outfit Pink Satin Maxi Dress with Grey Leather Jacket Pink Satin Maxi Dress with Grey Leather Jacket Satin Dress with Grey Leather Jacket Spring Look

I am off to take a morning walk through the charming neighborhood then I guess we will have a stressful day at the beach (haha!). I am seriously going to rest today because remember last week when I said that there were sick people in my house? Well, I have the cough now! I hope the sunshine and fresh air will help! I hope you all have a great day, wherever you are! Thank you so much for reading!

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

Dress // Jacket // Sandals // Bag (similar and on clearance)