Grey Satin Skirt with Charcoal V-Neck Sweater and Glitter Shoe Grey Satin Skirt with Charcoal V-Neck Sweater and Glitter Shoe

Hey! How is your week going? My mom got my dad back home on Monday, and all is better with the world! They were both so happy to be back in their place. Hopefully, my dad can get some good therapy and get stronger. Parkinson’s is so weird! I had no clue that Parkinson’s affected your voice and your ability to swallow.  My dad has both of those symptoms as well as the rigidity of his body movements and some dementia. His laugh is different, but it makes us laugh to hear how funny it is. For now, life is good! Today, I wanted to show this beautiful silver skirt from Vince and share an artist and designer with you that I love.

First, let me introduce you to the work of Josh Young. I saw his artwork on a blog (can’t remember which one) about six months ago and fell in love with his portrait series. I collect nudes ( I have a gallery wall full ), and when I saw the portrait above, I had to have it. I love the playful slash through the portraits faces. The pieces are so fun and different, and everyone who has come to the house has had a fit over them. I have this one as well in my powder bath facing the toilet. The prices are insane! They come in a small and large size, and would make such a fun gallery wall! I love fashion, but I think I love home decor just as much!

The satin skirt I am wearing is perfect for any occasion. I mixed it with a gray sweater, but it would also be so pretty with a blazer, turtleneck sweater or silk blouse (on sale) like this. I bought it to wear to an engagement party in Nashville a few weeks ago, but it was so cold that I had to wear pants instead. I kept it because I can wear it with a dressy pump or sandal or dressed down with sneakers and casual sandals. Now for these shoes! Y’all, I had seen them on a website, and they were really expensive, so I passed them over, but kept thinking about them. A week before Christmas, I was at Forty-Five Ten (Dallas store), and there they were in my size and half off. I grabbed them and have worn them several times already. One of my good friends was here from out of town last week, and I took her to Forty-Five Ten. The shoes were still there, and this time they were half of what I paid. I wish I had waited, but, my size might not have been there. I did, however, get these boots for about the same amount, although they are still full price and Neimans. Call Forty-Five Ten to see if they have your size if you are dying over them!



Grey Satin Skirt with Charcoal V-Neck Sweater and Glitter Shoe

Grey Satin Skirt with Charcoal V-Neck Sweater and Glitter Shoe

I’m debating about whether to head to Austin today or go tomorrow. I haven’t seen my daughter in over a month and need to take her some things. The drive to Austin from Dallas is zero fun! There is construction everywhere and those concrete walls that put you side by side with eighteen wheelers for miles.

 I hope you all have a super fantastic day! Thank you for reading! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

Sweater // Skirt // Shoes (sold out except for size 6 1/2 ) // Necklace (different chain)



Sweater // Skirt // Shoes // Necklace