White Ruffle Cuff Tee from Southcott Threads White Ruffle Cuff Tee from Southcott Threads

Good Monday Morning! I hope you all had a great weekend! I have to tell you that we made it through a very rainy weekend (not an easy feat with two grandchildren and three dogs)! We had a migraine (grandson), a bad bite (that would be from the granddaughter biting her brother), a scraped chin from the bottom of the pool (her), lotion pumped on a rug and smeared in (that would be her too), and diarrhea in our closet (one of the dogs)! Whew, I know why God created us to have children young! Today, I want to introduce you to a brand called Southcott Threads.

Southcott Threads is a line of luxury tees and dresses that are made from beautiful quality fabric, are super comfortable, don’t cling or not see-through, and fit very well. They are created by Amy Graham, who has had 20 years plus of business experience and a love of fashion to make the perfect tee for every woman. Plus, she is a graduate of my alma mater, SMU! Amy has designed her pieces after being inspired by women’s body types, and after extensive research revealing four distinct shapes. She created the four different shapes she offers after cuts of diamonds since each one of us is unique. Various styles were designed to fit each of these shapes.

Perfect Shapes For Everyone

Let me explain the shapes that are offered. The Asscher is for the small-framed and well proportioned. Asschers tend to wear their clothes easily and choose simple styles. The Emerald is slender and busty (dang those Emerald’s!!!). They are long-legged ladies who wear structured styles with sharp tailoring and classic design. Trillions have narrow shoulders + lean upper body. They have bigger booties, enjoy asymmetric lines and rock styles that show off their collarbones. The last is the Oval. Oval’s are curvy and voluptuous. They are drawn to open necklines, 3/4 length sleeves and draping in the mid-section. Have you figured which diamond cut you are? I think I fit the Asscher cut. What’s cool, is that if you go to the page that explains this method and click on your cut, it will take you to the pieces that are suited best for you and it has the cut under the description of the shirt or dress.

I chose one top that was best suited for me and the other was not in my diamond cut, but I really like the velvet, and I think it looks just fine. I don’t believe you have to go by the book here, but if you want to really get the best fit, then choose accordingly. The first top that I am wearing is made from their luxe Bamboo Cotton. I ordered it in all white because I love a white or black long sleeve tee. It has a bell sleeve (so feminine) and raw-edge hem. I wanted to show you how it looks untucked as well. The hem is really nice on it. This is a tee that I will wear on repeat because it is super easy to throw on, looks a little more refined, and is so comfy!!!




White Ruffle Cuff Tee from Southcott Threads


A Great Holiday Top

This gorgeous velvet top is part of their new holiday line. This mock turtleneck with a front pleat neckline comes in three other colors. It is such a pretty piece to wear with everything from jeans to skirts. I had just purchased these plaid pants, and the velvet top looked terrific with them. I think this is a beautiful top to have in your fall wardrobe to dress things up a bit, and at $125 it’s very worth it. I am so pleased with the fit and quality of these two pieces and would order more (this being my next). The prices of most every piece are in the $125 range.


Blue Velvet Mockneck Top from Southcott Threads with Plaid Pants Blue Velvet Mockneck Top from Southcott Threads with Plaid Pants

Blue Velvet Mockneck Top from Southcott Threads with Plaid Pants

Blue Velvet Mockneck Top from Southcott Threads with Plaid Pants Blue Velvet Mockneck Top from Southcott Threads with Plaid Pants

I am trying to play catch up today. I have lots of work to do on my computer and in my house. I have today and part of the day tomorrow, then will head to Austin to be with my daughter as she has a surgical procedure. No rest for the weary again!!! I hope you all have a great Monday and Happy Fall! xx

Photos: Vanessa Christina (white shirt) Danielle Sabol (blue shirt)

Thank you, Southcott Threads, for sponsoring this post!

First outfit- White Tee // Jeans // Belt // Shoes // Bag (similar and less expensive)

Second outfit- Velvet Top // Pants (wearing the 00) // Boots (very limited sizes, but similar) // Bag