Maeve tulle embellished dress on Dallas blogger


Happy Friday, ladies! How has your week been? I bet busy, and you are probably getting ready for Thanksgiving. I had such a fun time in Austin on my quick girl’s trip, but boy, I came home to a mountain-high list of things to do before this afternoon when the first crew arrives for Thanksgiving. My mom was going to help me get the rest of the wrapping (the kid’s gifts) done on Wednesday, but she punted me for a date! I can’t keep up with her social life! Honestly, I am so thrilled for her and want her to keep living her best life! I, however, am a little stressed! Today, I am showing a fun Thanksgiving look (or holiday) and gift ideas for the homebody in your life.

This tulle and sequin-embellished dress is not one that I would have typically gravitated toward, but when my best galpal from Nashville was here a few weeks ago, we both grabbed it and thought it could be interesting. I thought it would be great with a leather jacket over it, and she felt with a black turtleneck under it. I took her advice and tried it with the turtleneck and decided to wear it this way on Thanksgiving night. This dress would be great with a leather jacket over it or a black cropped cardigan. I would also wear a big chunky sweater over the dress. I chose to wear my moto-style boots, but I think a flat slide or heel would be great. It’s a festive and fun dress for sure! If a tulle dress is not your thing, I think this one screams Thanksgiving too!




I look like a cake-topper above!

Maeve embellished dress and black turtleneck on Dallas blogger

Some of the partnerships I do require that I post them to Instagram only. I wanted to tell you about two products that were Instagram-only posts, but I have loved them so much that I want to mention them. I told you all about a collagen product that I was using called Shore Magic here. I am obsessed with it! It is helping my weird stomach and making my hair and nails grow super fast. It’s a bit more expensive than other collagens, but I think so worth it.

The other product is an Omega-3 from a brand called iwi. I wouldn’t say I liked taking Omega-3s because of the fishy taste. This brand is sourced from algae rather than from fish or krill (no nasty fish taste). It’s farmed in the desert (West Texas and New Mexico) in saltwater powered by the sun. Omega-3s are good for overall health and wellbeing. They help with the heart, brain, and vision to bone and joints. iwi Omega-3 is clinically proven to provide 50% more absorption than fish, krill, and other algae products. and is 100% Vegan, Non-GMO certified, and Gluten-Free. IF you want to try it, use my code: CATHY25 for 25% off your first order here.

I am so excited for my little people (and their parents) to arrive this afternoon! My newest granddaughter gets back tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see her as well. She has put on some major chub to her thighs, and I am dying to squish it! It’s going to be so fun and busy for the next week! I hope you all have a great weekend and get much accomplished!

Stay safe and be well! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

Dress // Turtleneck (one size) // Boots (budget friendly)// Bag (similar)