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 Happy Halloween to all of you! Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Halloween anymore. I love it for little kids, but the scary stuff is not for me! If you are in Dallas, you understand what Halloween and Christmas are like here. People go all out with the decorations. I have seen some interesting and scary Halloween decorations, like Jason (from the movie Halloween) standing at a front door! No, thank you! Do any of you go to Halloween parties or dress up for the kids? I used to, but this year, I’m wearing this chic Halloween look.

Because it’s Halloween weekend, I thought I would dress in a festive outfit chic enough to wear out to dinner. I’ve written recently about how big the knit trend is. Even though we are all getting back out again, we all got used to wearing comfortable clothes. Dressing in knits and ribbed sweater knits is a trend that has definitely gained steam. How cute and “fall-like” is this knit ribbed sweater skirt? I love the gorgeous colors and the lurex threads running through it.

It’s a great way to be comfy and stay warm and the same time! I personally love a turtleneck with a skirt like this, but a tee and leather or denim jacket would be great too. And, of course, it’s now time to bring out the boots (as long as Mother Nature plays along!). I am wearing an older suede pair from Stuart Weitzman, but a pair of sneakers or loafers would look great with a midi-length knit skirt as well. More skirts at all prices are below.

Shore Magic

I wanted to also share a product with you all that I have been using daily and am obsessed with. I know that most of us are probably on the collagen powder bandwagon by now. Also, I have been putting collagen powder in my coffee every day for the last two years. I was using the Vital Proteins brand. Nothing wrong with it, but I have made a switch to a better one. Have you all heard of Shore Magic? It’s made from Marine collagen instead of Bovine. The marine collagen is sustainably sourced from fish skins (promise you won’t smell or taste fish!), and It’s up to 19 times more absorbable than other sources of collagen. Shore Magic is third-party tested for purity and contains no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances.

Shore Magic helps strengthen skin, hair, nails, muscles, joints, and more from within. It also helps with anxiety and depression and is great for your gut. I had a zoom call with the founder, Joy Harari, and the reason she started this company was that she was on a quest to help her grandson, who had autism. If you go to the website, there is a picture of Joy. She is 62 years old with fifteen grandchildren. I called BS on her when she told me her age, but it’s true. She looks amazing, and if Shore Magic is any indication of why she does, I’m on it forever! I am just so impressed with it that I wanted to share it with you all.




woman posing and wearing chic halloween look woman in chic halloween look woman in black top and skirt woman sitting on the stairs closeup of woman's CHIC HALLOWEEN LOOK woman in CHIC HALLOWEEN LOOK woman holding her sunglasses

I have a busy day planned with my out-of-town friend today.

I have one more day with her and we are going to make it count! Also, I hope you all have a great weekend! For a fun Halloween video with my Chic at Every Age girls, head to Instagram to watch! We had so much fun doing it!

Stay Safe and Be Well! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

Turtleneck // Skirt // Boots (similar) // Bag (old, similar)