The Best Looking Boucle Coat That Won’t Break The Bank

Cathy Williamson wearing mossy green coat from TopshopDallas Blogger wearing a Boucle coat from Topshop paired with Gucci Belt


Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and are ready to take on this new year and decade! We made it through Christmas without our kids, but it wasn’t the most fun. I had mentioned before that my dad has Parkinson’s, and two days before Christmas, he had a setback. We have since called in Hospice to help my mom because she can’t take care of him by herself anymore. It was a pretty somber Christmas. I did, however, go ahead and get my surgeries all done. My breast implant exchange was a piece of cake compared to the neck lift. A lot of women have messaged me about the pain and what’s involved, so I will try to be thorough but brief.

When I woke up from surgery, my head was wrapped in gauze about six inches thick. I had drains coming out behind my ears that I didn’t really feel. My doctor made an incision under my chin and pulled up from there and then incisions behind my ears and small ones in front of my ears. I was out of it (anesthesia knocks me out for days) the first night that I stayed in the hospital. I remember feeling pain under my chin but nowhere else. What I did feel, however, was an intense tightening in my neck. It felt like someone was lightly choking me. It was also hard to swallow from the tightness and from where I had been tubed during surgery. The next morning, the gauze was cut off my head, and the drainage tubes were removed. I was told to take a shower and wash my hair before I left. Y’all, my hair was matted with blood and antiseptic whatever. It was disgusting! Anyway, I went home with stitches under my chin and in front of my ears and about 8-10 staples behind my ears.

When I tell you that I am a bruiser, I am a big one! I bruise every time I get botox or filler, and it’s not little light ones. I get the dark purple kind. I was bruised from the surgery but not nearly what I thought I would be, and they are almost gone. My neck has that lovely green/yellow tint to it, and I can’t wait for it to be gone. I am still very swollen under my chin and jaw, but I can already tell that my neck looks so much smoother. I get the staples and stitches out in an hour from now and cannot wait! My doctor was honest and said that I did need to have the lift done. I have a long neck and not a lot of fat to fill it up. I am glad the whole thing is over and can’t wait for the swelling and soreness to go away. I am using the best coverup that I use when I get bruises from botox or filler. It’s the Corrective Colors Kit from Jane Iredale. It does a great job of camouflaging all colors of bruises. Oh, I’m still in the boot too!

I have wanted to have this surgery done for a very long time. My face doesn’t bother me, but my neck didn’t look like it was the same age as my face. I know it shouldn’t have bothered me because I have survived cancer and should just be so grateful that I am here. I AM so grateful, but I am also a little bit vain and very honest. There are so many women that would never have elective surgery, and I respect the hell out of them. I wish it hadn’t bothered me so badly!

Okay, enough of the surgery talk. I took these photos right before Christmas and am so glad that this coat is still available because it is the best looking boucle coat that won’t break the bank. Can you believe it’s $90??? It’s from Topshop, and I promise it looks incredible in person. I couldn’t decide between the mossy green I’m wearing or the burnt orange. I am thinking about getting the orange one too. This is just a fun coat to have, especially if you want one other than the basic black, navy, or camel that most of us always buy. It’s less expensive than a pair of leggings! I paired it with a simple turtleneck (that is nowhere to be found anymore), but anything can be worn under a coat.




The Middle Page wearing a boucle coat from TopshopOver 50 Dallas Blogger wearing Coat From TopshopThe Best Boucle coat paired with black Chanel PurseCathy Williamson wearing Mossy Green Coat from TopshopBlack Chanel purse paired with Topshop boucle coat

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Who wore your favorite looks? I thought Helen Mirren looked amazing, as well as Jennifer Anniston. The two dresses that really spoke to me though, were Zoey Kravitz and Zoey Deutch (my actual favorite on a celebrity). But, my absolute favorite is below. My daughter was able to attend the Globes and this is what she wore. I’ve never seen her look more beautiful! Gotta go with her as the winner!

Have a beautiful day! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

Coat // Turtleneck (similar) // Jeans // Boots (similar) // Bag (similar)