The Best Way To Wear White Denim

Dallas Blogger in Madewell yellow puff sleeve blouse and white jeans Cathy Williamson in White jeans and Madewell Yellow Puff Sleeve Blouse with Gucci belt

Happy Hump Day! How are you all doing, and are you all hanging in there? I have to admit that I am up and down. I’m walking every day (more than I ever have), eating right (the only vice I have is probably drinking five glasses of red wine a week), taking lots of vitamins, but I still feel like I have little energy. It’s bizarre for me because I am usually like the Energizer Bunny! I guess I am still in grief mode, or maybe it’s sadness. I don’t know, but I would love to feel like myself again soon! Am I the only one, or do you all feel like that too?

I keep thinking about my grandchildren and what the new normal may look like for them after this is over. And now, Murder Hornets and what Elon Musk named his child??? Lordy, let’s talk about fashion! There isn’t anything scary about that topic, except this! Today, let’s talk about the best way to wear white denim!


The first rule of thumb when I shop for white denim is the see-through factor. So many pairs of white denim are see-through, especially the ones with more stretch. I like to buy ones that have more cotton in them. And I don’t like it when I can see the outline of the front pocket. I’ve actually had the front pockets removed on a few of my white pairs. Always make sure you are wearing nude (not white) underwear or thong with white denim.

Sometimes white jeans can make you look heavier than you are.

Make sure you pay attention to the fit of the jean. I have a few pairs that I am giving the “heave-ho” to because they just aren’t flattering. I don’t’ like them ever pulling across the crotch area! Nope! I think the J Brand, Maria is a great fitting skinny white jean. I also love this pair I am wearing from Madewell. They are a little more relaxed but still look somewhat skinny.

I love white jeans in the summer! They are perfect to wear out at night because they tend to look a little dressier than blue denim. With white jeans, anything goes! There is not a lot of worry about what to pair with them because you can wear any color of the rainbow! I tend to think a more neutral shoe looks better with white denim, it makes the leg look longer.

Longer and flowy tops look good with skinny white jeans as well as a longer cardigan. I love a blazer over white jeans with heels. Hopefully, we can wear heels again soon, but if not, sneakers and a graphic tee look super cool too. I also love to wear my white jeans with a leather moto jacket. And, one of my favorite looks, a white top, sweater, or jacket for an all-white look.

To rip or not to rip in white or any color jeans, that is the question?

Ladies, if you are over 50, I think it’s OK to wear ripped jeans if the rips are in the right places. A little distressing is fine, but I don’t believe completely ripped out knees look that great on anyone, and you should read this post I wrote several years ago about what ripped jeans make your knees look like! Hint Hint, it starts with a V and ends with a Gina #truth!

Last rule of mine, don’t wear white jeans if you are still having a period, period! You just never know! I once saw a lady leave a restaurant in white jeans and you guessed it, Aunt Flo came to visit in a big way. I felt so sorry for her. But I don’t’ have to worry about that anymore; it’s white all the time for me. However, I do seem to always get a stain on my white jeans. Adding Clorox or a White Brite to the laundry usually helps that. Head down to the bottom for some great white jeans.


The Middle Page wearing yellow puff sleeve blouse from Madewell with White Denim jeans The Middle Page wearing white denim jeans with yellow puff sleeve blouse from Madewell Over 50 Dallas Blogger wearing Madewell blouse with White Denim jeans Cathy Williamson wearing white denim jeans with Golden Goose sneakers and Madewell blouse

Well, I wish I could say I had something fantastic to do today, but that is wishful thinking. I’m sure I will walk at some point, and I do have to wash my hair! I got the new Dyson Airwrap Styler, and I am going to try and figure out how to use it. I am scheduled for hair color, but that is not for two more weeks. At least it’s scheduled!

Have a great Wednesday, and stay safe and well!

Photos: Danielle Sabol

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