Dallas Blogger in Alice and Olivia Tweed and Denim Jacket for the BluesThe blues woman wearing Alice and Olivia Tweed and Denim Jacket


Good Morning, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! We had such a fun one! The grandkids came in on Saturday, and we had a family dinner to celebrate my oldest son’s birthday. We did it up big, so much that everyone was dragging the first part of the day on Sunday. We all rallied for my daughter’s baby shower that afternoon. It was a couples shower, and everyone had so much fun! My daughter and boyfriend move into their new house next week, and it will be so fun to help get the nursery in order. Also, I cannot wait to meet our third grandchild!

I am showing the blues today, but I promise it is not my attitude. I wore this look a few weeks back to an event at Alice and Olivia and a birthday party. This jacket has been one of my favorites since I got it. I love the tweed mixed with the denim and the “Chanel” style of the piece. I have worn this jacket with the jeans I am wearing and with white jeans and plan to wear it with darker blue denim and black. Every time I have worn it, I have gotten so many compliments.

Styling with The Blues

I have loved the jeans I am wearing for a change of pace. Honestly, I think a boyfriend style looks so good with a dressed-up top and a heel. I was having a conversation with both my daughter’s in-law about skinny jeans. They are in their 30’s and are over them for the time being. I still like them for certain outfits, but I think the boyfriend or straighter leg looks more current. They are definitely more comfortable!

My sandals are about two years old, but I wear them a lot because they are YSL and I don’t need another black pair yet, and I want to get my money’s worth. This brings me to something that is bothering me. I don’t want to ever push things on you all. I am simply writing this blog to give you some inspiration on outfits and to give you some insight into what is going on with me (not that that is ever very exciting).

I’m sure you all get sick of seeing the same bag, shoes, or sunglasses, but I am truly authentic in what I like and wear, and if I pay a lot for something, I want to wear it!  I think if something works for you, then keep wearing or doing it; however, I have a reader that does not like my sunglasses and has told me in a “not so nice” way several times.

I never thought that I would have a hater or two in a community of mostly over 50 aged women. Honestly, why would you come to my blog if you don’t like what I wear or say? So, I thought we might be at a place in life where we didn’t write ugly things to others. I can’t imagine sitting behind my computer and writing something hurtful to someone. Things like, you look like an alien or I hate those stupid sunglasses.

However, it happens all the time to people. I just somehow thought our age group was over that insecurity. I know that I shouldn’t let one or two people get me down, but I do have feelings, and it does upset me (even though I don’t know this person). Some may say it’s part of the territory when you put yourself out there. That may be true, but I’m afraid I have to disagree with being unkind. Life is hard enough!

I can truly say, except for a very few, that you all reading this blog are a very kind group of women, and I appreciate it so much. I wouldn’t still be doing this if you were not. Thank you for your support and the kind words that you write. I don’t get to respond to all of them because I don’t have the time to do it all, but I read every single comment.





Dallas Blogger smiling while wearing Alice and Olivia Tweed and Denim Jacket for the Blues

woman walking and wearing Alice and Olivia Tweed and Denim Jacket Alice and Olivia Tweed and Denim Jacket on Dallas BloggerThe Blues on Dallas Blogger tweed jacketThe Blues on Dallas Blogger with closeup on tweed jacketDallas female Blogger wearing tattered jeans

The kids are here for the week (their parents included), and my in-laws are coming in today to stay until Friday. They haven’t seen anyone (except my husband and myself) in over eighteen months. It’s going to be a jam-packed week for me, but so much fun to have everyone here. I am going to need a vacation in the next couple of weeks!

I hope you have a great day! Thank you for reading and for being a special group of women! xx

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