Hi, everyone! I am a day late posting, but I couldn’t get it together to write a post on Monday. We were in babysitting mode from last Thursday through Sunday (in Los Angeles), then spent all day Monday with my daughter, fiancé, and baby. Even checking a text message when I am with them is hard. We had so much fun with our fourteen-month-old granddaughter! We took her to the Beverly Hills Hotel for Saturday brunch, The Terrace at the Mayborne Hotel for dinner, and the Ivy for Sunday brunch. She was such a trooper and never complained one time. I am so sad that they will be in LA full-time, but they will be in Dallas (starting next week) for a few months while their house is being renovated. I am so obsessed with that kid! I saw a few friends while we were there and got my hair chopped! I will say that LA is now becoming a place I love to visit because I have friends and am starting to see familiar faces in stores and restaurants.

The cutest fringe shacket

The weather was about the same in LA as in Dallas, but if I don’t start showing some fall jackets and sweaters, fall will be a memory! Shackets are still going strong, and this one I am wearing is a bit different with the fringe and shorter style. How many longer plaid shackets can you have? I have several (which is all I need), but this one was so different and fun. Not only are shackets still strong, but fringe is too. It was so fun to pull out a pair of boots to wear with this outfit. I know you aren’t supposed to covet, but I did these Chanel boots for so long. I never bought them because I couldn’t justify the price. Lo and behold, I saw them on The Real Real and got them for $250! I love a great riding boot! I hope you didn’t get rid of all of your skinny jeans! You will need a pair if you wear knee-high boots! I love this pair from Rag & Bone!




This week is already halfway over, and I am about to play big-time catch-up! It’s hard to go away for a week! We are going to a concert tonight with the family and will be gearing up to wear the babysitting hats again this weekend. We are keeping the older two, so the schedules are a bit different. They both play sports, and there are games. It’s fun and tiring, but I am so grateful that we get to do it.

I have another PSA; check your boobs, ladies! I don’t know what in the world is going on, but I have had several more women reach out that have had questionable mammograms. Please make your appointments for mammograms if it is time. Early detection is key!

I hope you have a great day! Stay well, and be safe! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

Jacket // Top (similar) // Jeans // Bag // Belt // Boots (similar)