Happy Humpday! Are you all ready for Easter? We are having everyone over here for an early dinner on Easter Sunday, and I have not pulled out a single Easter decoration. Instead, I bought the cutest paper mache bunny planter for my table and some pastel eggs with succulents planted in them. I like what I got, but it’s lazy because I’m sure I have cute decorations in the attic!

Since Easter is almost here, I wanted to show this purple twirl-worthy floral-printed dress from Anthropologie that would make the perfect dress for Sunday, if you haven’t hippity-hopped your way to buying anything yet. There are plenty of sizes still available. This dress has a ruffled halter neckline and cinches in at the waist (sorry, it was cold when I shot this, and I had to have a jacket on) and would also be a fabulous wedding guest dress.

Anthropologie is a great place to check for dresses

I like to check in with Anthropologie every so often because they do have some pretty dresses and pieces that are relatively reasonable. With weddings, graduations, showers, etc. coming up it’s a good place to look for dresses. I also like this dress, and this one is lovely too! Check out more Easter dresses here. I splurged and bought the bag I am carrying from a shop in Dallas called, To Be Continued. It’s one of the prettiest boutiques in Dallas, and it is all high-end resale (some pieces still have the tags on them). Anyway, I don’t know why I bought a purple bag, but I loved it, and it’s great for Spring and Summer (me talking myself into my purchase!), and most all my bags are either black or black!!! Someone should buy this NOW if you love purple because it’s a great price. I paid a lot more for mine!

Skincare Products I Love

I realized that I don’t share a lot of my beauty products very often. I LOVE all things skincare and cosmetics! I’m a lipstick whore and buy a new one pretty often (they are always a different version of the same color, why is that?). I have noticed my eyebrows getting thinner, so I am using this brow serum and also a little Castor oil on them. I have been a long time user of this eye shadow base. My shadow won’t stay on without it! This eyelash curler is the only one that I will use. I love the red pad so that you can see your eyelashes. I’ve talked about this mascara before and have been using it for about six years now. It is pricey, but it has a lash growth peptide in it, so you don’t need a growth serum too.

Makeup Products I Can’t Live Without

I am obsessed with a few products from Charlotte Tilbury. I can’t live without this eyeshadow palette, and this one (in The Dolce Vita) is my every day go-to. This is my favorite blush (LoveGlow) from Charlotte Tilbury. My foundation has not changed in two years because I am obsessed with this one. It’s expensive but lasts me almost a year.  As far as lipsticks go, I am allergic to most brands. I can wear MAC (Creme Cup), Bobbi Brown (Pale Pink), and Buxom lip gloss (Kimberly). The lipliner I use is Kjaer Weis in Rose.

Skincare that I cannot live without are these products: Colleen Rothschild eye serum and cleansing balm. Also, I use this vitamin C serum, and my new obsession is this product. I’m already on my second bottle, and it is magic! I use this hand cream daily and this toothpaste. Whew! That’s not all, but I will save it for another post! I will be ready on Easter with my face on and my twirl-worthy dress!

Floral Dress For Easter



Purple Floral Dress with Grey Leather Jacket Dress For Easter Spring Dress with Grey Leather Jacket Easter Dress with Grey Leather Jacket Purple Bag

I am off to shoot early this morning to beat the rain. It’s supposed to get really bad here later today. I hope you all have a great day and stay dry! Thank you for reading! xx

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

Dress // Jacket (similar) // Shoes (very similar) // Bag

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