Showing Victoria Emerson Boho Bracelets White kimono, graphic tee and denim shorts outfit

Happy Fourth of July (queue the Star-Spangled Banner!) Before you get out the door to any festivities you may have planned, I wanted to share with you a fabulous sale going on at Victoria Emerson. I have shared Victoria Emerson before (here) and her fabulous hand-made accessories. These pieces make a statement when worn but also make fantastic gifts at the best prices! Right now, Victoria Emerson is having a BOGO sale. This is THE best time to stock up on birthday or Christmas gifts. You can buy one for you and get one free for someone else (or vice versa!)!

My Favorite Boho Bracelets

There are so many pieces to choose from, but my favorites are the Boho Bracelets. These bracelets or cuffs have a magnetic clasp making them so easy to just pop on. No need to hook several bracelets to get this look. It’s all done for you with one clasp, and nothing gets tangled. The bracelets are mixed with different textures like leather, crystals, beads, and shells. There are so many fun ones to choose from. I am wearing three cuffs together.

There are more than bracelets from Victoria Emerson

Not only are there fabulous cuffs, but if that is not your vibe, there are single, double wrap, and multi-wrap bracelets as well. Also, necklaces and watches. I have on this necklace that goes with everything! If you are feeling extra patriotic today, check out this collection! If you are not sure how to wrap a wrap bracelet, here is a little tutorial from Victoria Emerson. Remember that everything is Buy One Get One. Christmas will be here before you know it!


Showing Victoria Emerson Boho Bracelets Showing Victoria Emerson Boho Bracelets White kimono, graphic tee and denim shorts. White kimono, graphic tee and denim shorts. Showing Victoria Emerson Boho Bracelets - summer look Showing Victoria Emerson Boho Bracelets

About this outfit.

I typically do not wear cutoff shorts, but because it’s hot and we will be outside, I decided to wear them with a kimono over them to feel a little more covered up. It’s not that I think my legs look bad, it’s just the way the skin is looking that I’m not a fan of! I don’t get in the sun, so to make them look a little better, I have found the best self-tanner! It’s called Isle of Paradise organic self-tanning drops. You just mix with your lotion and you will have a beautiful glow. It’s also the first tanner that I have found that doesn’t smell bad on me!

We are heading out to a parade this morning (weather permitting) with the grandchildren. I have two nephews that play football for Highland Park High School, and the team is on a float. My grandkids can’t wait to see them (they are expecting extra candy thrown at them! Again, weather permitting, we will head out to watch fireworks tonight. I hope you all have a fun-filled day and stay safe! xx

Photos: Danielle Sabol

Thank you, Victoria Emerson, for sponsoring this post.

Victoria Emerson Bracelets

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