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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have had a good week. I know it’s been a little stressful for many of us, but on to the next thing, which is Thanksgiving. I don’t know what your Thanksgiving tradition is, but wanted to share a “What to Wear for Thanksgiving” post to give you some ideas. Our Thanksgiving takes place at my oldest sons home now. He is a huge “foodie” and loves to cook! We usually eat around six (which is about half time for the Dallas Cowboys game!). Our Thanksgiving is a pretty casual affair as far as dressing. There will be a big group this year, so I may get a little more dressed up. I will be wearing jeans though, because I plan on playing with the babies. I think I will throw on this jacket (ordering today) with a dressier tee, add a choker, and that will be my outfit. If I weren’t planning on being on the floor, I just bought this dress and would wear it with over the knee boots.  Have you thought about what you are wearing?

We are in Naples, Florida, and it’s strange to even be thinking about Thanksgiving. It’s super hot here, but the Christmas decorations are out in full force already. We are staying in a airbnb right off the beach. Our kids got here late last night, and we are excited to spend a weekend all together. I am hoping we can get some wedding planning done! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Most of the items below are great price points. I hope these give you some ideas!