Hi Everyone! I thought it would be fun to introduce you to bloggers that I have major crushes on. Most of these women will be in the “over 40” category, but sometimes I might throw in a younger one (It may not be every Wednesday, but I will try for a few every month). There are so many amazing bloggers in the “blogger sphere”, and it’s cool to see what others are doing. I like connecting people in person, so I think it will be great to do it this way as well.

My first huge crush is on Kim Mitchell Stokes. Kim has a blog called, J’ADORE COUTURE and she is just plain fabulous! Kim lives on the left coast and is a real fashion lover! She is an award-winning art director working for Banana Republic Factory. Kim is my first in this series, because I adore her style! It was super hard to choose  which photos to use, because EVERY single fashion post of hers is flawless! She looks amazing in everything she wears, and has a great confidence about her. I also love that in our “denim obsessed” society, she dresses up!  Meet Kim…..

jadorecouture-pins-bronze-pants.jpg~original jadore-couture-olive-cardigan-leather-pants.jpg~original jadore-couture-gray-boyfriend-cardigan-gold-skirt.jpg~original jadore-couture-fur-scarf-black-denim.jpg~original jadore-couture-draped-tunic.jpg~original jadore-couture-denim-jacket.jpg~original jadore-couture-camel-coal-gray-jeans.jpg~original jadore-couture-black-lace-pant-black-pumps.jpg~original

I told you she was fabulous!!! I asked her to answer a few questions:

1. How has your style changed after turning 40 (if at all)

I think my attitude around what I should and shouldn’t wear has changed and I’ve become more open to trying new things. I pretty much have a “I wear what I want” attitude. I really don’t like those “style at any age” features I see in magazines and online; usually I end up wanting something that is for the 20 something or the 60 something. If you feel good in it, then wear it.

2. Describe your fashion style.
First off, I’m influenced by growing up on the East Coast. I love things with a bit of a preppy edge to them. Also I love mixing masculine pieces with more feminine ones. I love blazers, graphic tees, and sneakers, so I find ways of incorporating them into my looks often.
3. What 5 things do you feel every woman should have in her closet?
A pair of jeans and a black dress that make you feel your most beautiful and most sexy. They can both be whatever silhouette you love. A white button front shirt is very versatile and can be dressed up or down. I love the silk ones from Equipment, but a crisp cotton version is nice as well. Finally I’d add a black blazer and a leather moto jacket.
4. Purse or shoes?
For me, that’s a tough choice. Can I say both? Accessories can truly take any look from blah to boom.
5. Heels or flats?
Heels for sure, although I have started finding some cool flat shoes and boots recently.
6. Celebrity style you admire?
I love those who are fearless in their choices. I’m constantly pinning looks by Diane Kruger, Tracee Ellis Ross, and stylist Shioni Turini.
 Be sure to check out Kim’s blog HERE
Thank you Kim for taking the time to answer my questions and for letting me get to know you better! I hope all of you have a great day, and thank you for reading this blog! xx