Yellow Dress

Happy Friday! You made it to another weekend! How was your week? I hope it didn’t involve a root canal as mine did! That pain I was talking about on Tuesday had me at the endodontist that afternoon, begging for a root canal! My husband is over my mouth! He always says that before he married me, he should have checked my teeth out like you would a horse! My teeth were terrible before (cavities and crowns), but I will tell you that chemotherapy does a number on a lot of things, especially your teeth! I am scheduled to get three fillings and a crown re-done next week! I might have to put that off a week or so because I get traumatized anytime I have dental work done!

On to a lighter note, how fun is this golden yellow dress? I think it exudes all the feels of summer! Just putting it on made me feel happier (even though I was only standing in my backyard). Did you know that yellow is the most luminous color of the spectrum? It represents happiness and optimism and is the color of creativity. The color yellow is believed to have an influence on the left side of our brain, where our deep thinking and perception dwell. Kind of makes me want to wear yellow all of the time!

Anyway, a beautiful yellow dress during this particular summer is the perfect thing to wear to lift the spirits. I found it at Anthropologie last week and immediately was drawn to the color. I like the smock detail and the ease of just pulling it over my head and going! This dress does come in a beautiful blue and dark terracotta color too. I would also add a belt to the dress when the weather cools off. This is one of those dresses that can be dressed up or down. This dress is great for the fall too. Throw a denim or moto jacket or sweater over it, and you are golden (like how I chose that word?)!

If you want to add some happiness and optimism at home as well, I have added a few yellow pieces to the mix below. We could all use some cheering up where we spend most of our time, especially these days!




We celebrated our 37th anniversary yesterday! Where do the years go? I can’t believe that I’ve known my husband for forty years now. I thought I WAS forty! What age are you in your mind? I still feel like I am thirty-five, then I look in the mirror and know I am NOT! Anyway, I am lucky that my marriage has lasted this long. It hasn’t always been easy, but, thankfully, it’s still going, and we still like each other!

I have lots of errands to run and debating about a closet cleanout. Our youngest son and daughter in law just purchased their first home and closed yesterday. I am hoping we go over there this weekend and christen it with a bottle of champagne! I am so thrilled for them, and it means that they are in Dallas for a while! I’m still mad at my son and daughter in law who moved away! Oh, and my daughter is STILL in Europe!

Have a great weekend, and pull out the yellow to lift your spirits! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

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