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I love my dermatologist in Dallas (Lori Stetler)! She is the best, and has become a friend as well. Whenever I am back in Dallas, and have an issue, I am always in her office. I am lucky, because I can usually get an appointment with her close to when I need it. I have heard stories of friends having to wait months to see a dermatologist, which is so rough, especially if it is something that needs attention at the moment. I have had those moments, when I’ve had a rash and needed to get in, but have to wait. Inevitably, I wait, then go in and the rash is gone, only to come back the next week! Relate???

There is an App, that I was unfamiliar with, called YODERM. It is basically a dermatologist on call. I think this is a great idea for people who work or are in school and can’t take time off to get to the doctor. I tried it to see how efficient it was, and I was pleasantly surprised. Now…I would always recommend going to a doctor in person, if you have something that looks like a cancer spot, but this was good for what I was asking.

When I got on the App, I chose a doctor (these are all board certified medical doctors), filled out a medical profile, took a few photos of my skin (with my phone), then sent it in. I wanted to ask about using “Retin A” on my skin. It was not even 24 hours, and “my” doctor sent back a message to me. You can see his response below. He prescribed the “Retin A” to my pharmacy, and gave me suggestions for a few other things to use, with a link to the products. This was super easy! I think for issues like aging skin, Rosacea, or mild Acne, this is pretty great. Also, if you have college kids that don’t have time to go or find a dermatologist, this would be a good resource to have. Obviously this is not free. The cost is $59 per consultation. YoDerm does not accept insurance, but if you have insurance for medications, then those are covered. There is a “Frequently Asked Question page on the App HERE, that will answer most of the questions you might have.

YODERM was also written up in a TechCrunch article (big in the App world), as being one of their favorite companies from 500 startups. I have to say that it was fast and easy! Like I said above, I would always go in if it is something that is a major concern, but I wanted to let you know about this cool App. The more we know, the better! YoDerm is giving you $10 off your first consultation with this code…http://yd.md/the-middlepage

Have a great day everyone!!! xx

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