50 Gift Ideas Under $50Source for photos: @wrapco

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was uneventful (yawn!). We are staying in and not venturing out to eat much. We still order from restaurants and pick up, but we don’t like to eat inside (actually won’t eat inside), and it’s gotten a little cold at night. I lead a fairly normal life during the day hours running errands and meeting with my trainer (usually the only two in the room). I haven’t been to lunch in months!

50 Gift Ideas Under $50

This post will be super short today because I drove to the Apple Store in Fort Worth yesterday. When I got home, it was such a pretty afternoon that my husband and I took the dog for a long walk. My day got away from me. I wanted to get another gift guide out to help you all with your shopping. Today, I am showing 50 gift ideas under $50 that I think make great gifts. Do you know what is so strange? I can suggest gifts for other people, but I become paralyzed when I have to do it for my family and friends. Same for cleaning out a friend’s closet. I can do it all day long, but when it comes to my own, I can’t make up my mind! Uggghhh!

I have a hard time deciding what to get my daughter and one of my daughters-in-law. Whatever I get for my daughter has to be mailed to London, and I need to have done that last week! I have to get something on the way by tomorrow. So I guess you all know what I will be doing today!

I hope these ideas help you and make your shopping a little easier! Have a great day, friends, and stay safe and well! xx