Back in December, I met the most adorable red head, named Kacey at a Christmas Bazaar in Dallas. She is a young mother who has been on a quest to provide a “greener” life for her family. So like a determined mom, she started a business called Red’s Gone Green. I was interested in her products because I am trying to “green” up my products at home. As I talked to her, she explained that her products are all natural and handcrafted. They are all made with essential oils and other natural household staples (like baking soda).

First of all, the smell in her booth was amazing (that’s what made me stop in the first place)!!! The products come in four fragrances, clove-cinnamon-orange-lemon, lavender-vanilla, grapefruit-orange-lavender, and lemongrass-lemon-tea tree-rosemary. I couldn’t decide which ones to get because they all smelled heavenly. I wanted to try the “Clean freak” which is an all purpose cleaner. Kacey asked if I had granite or marble countertops, which I do, so she suggested the “Taken for Granite” cleaner. It works like the “Clean Freak”, but is safe to use on porous surfaces, and can double as an air freshener. I bought it in the lavender-vanilla, and am OBSESSED!!! I use it on everything!

The other product I bought was the Everything + the Kitchen Sink. I bought it for the kitchen sink (duh!), but it has so many other uses (deodorize carpets and shoes, and works in the laundry). I also bought the “Germaphobe”, in the clove-cinnamon-orange-vanilla. This is in my purse at all times, and gets sprayed on my hands multiple times a day (and more, so I can just smell it)! The “Whip It”, made with shea butter and grape seed oil, is great for dry wintery hands. I wish I could infuse the smells through the computer so you could understand how good these products smell.

I have just placed my second order and can’t wait to get them. If you are wanting to try to “green” up your household products, these are it! And, if you are already using healthier products, I promise they don’t smell like these! Here is the website Red’s Gone Green. Order these products, and you won’t even mind cleaning!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!