From left to right- Ashley Robertson- The Teacher Diva, Mary Summers Hafner- So Then They Say, Lynsey Eaton- Tomboy KC, Heather Anderson- So Heather, Me, and Tanya Foster- Tanya Foster. Check out their great blogs.


Rooms are to the right of this path with outdoor sitting areas


Heather and I shared this room


Indoor Pool


Sitting Area


My first try at Paddle Boarding with Heather


Waiting Room for Spa


Recently, I had the good fortune to experience the most amazing two days I’ve had in a long time, with my blogger friends above, at Lake Austin Spa and Resort and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it! The trip started off on the Vonlane bus, that I’m sure a lot of you don’t know about but should. Unfortunately it is only in Texas with routes to Austin, Houston, and Dallas, but if they offered it to California from Texas, I would be on it! This is like flying first class except you are on the ground. The Vonlane is a luxury bus with an attendant, who takes care of ¬†your every need. The seats are oversized, and each row has a plug-in for your computer and free WiFi. Drinks, snacks, and meals are served, and we got to chat it up and not worry about getting lost! By the way…the bathroom on this bus is spacious, and you can move around in it! This is how I wish I could always travel!

Right after we arrived at the Spa, we were given a tour of the entire place. It is situated on Lake Austin on nineteen lakefront acres in the Hill Country (about 30 minutes from the city of Austin). The property is beautiful and I swear I did not feel like I was in Texas! We had a late lunch and then were escorted to our beautiful rooms. The rooms feel like cozy retreats beautifully appointed and the beds were so comfy! All of the rooms have lakefront views. We all decided to start off our stay with a Water Meditation class. We met at the beautiful indoor pool in our cozy white robes (that we barely took off for two days), and were given floats to lay on. The Meditation instructor talked us through a fifty minute class and I have never been so relaxed in my life. We just floated about the pool with our eyes closed and it was so peaceful! It was the perfect way to start our spa experience.

The food is exceptionally good and, for that reason, you don’t want to miss a meal while you’re here. We ordered a lot, because it was “spa portions”. They encouraged us to do that if we were not limiting our calories. Everything was fresh (some grown in the organic garden on site) and so flavorful! There is alcohol, if you are wanting a glass of wine after a rough day of spa treatments!!! Also, those white robes can be worn in the dining room for all meals, which we did for a few!

Oh, the spa!!! The waiting room is such a beautiful room filled with antiques and soft colors. It was so nice to sit in that room and wait to be called for our appointments. I had two treatments. The first was a an 80 minute deep tissue massage. When I get a massage, I always want a more “working” massage for my neck and back. There wasn’t much fluff involved, because that’s what I chose. The facial on the other hand…was amazing and fluff was involved! I had the Platinum Lift Facial and my skin felt like a baby’s after it was over. Honestly, I haven’t had a facial in a while, and I am now determined to get them more often. They do make a difference!

The classes that are offered change, so it’s a good idea to check the schedule if you decide to try the spa out. We took a floor pilates class, and Heather and I did paddle boarding. I had never done it before, but I loved it! I wish I had a place to do it all of the time! We also took a boat ride up and down the lake. The best part was just hanging out and gabbing with the girls. They are all so cute and fun, and we had a fantastic time! Girl trips are just the best!!! Would I recommend this spa? In a skinny minute!!! It is an all inclusive resort, and they take care of everything! All you need is a bathing suit, some work out clothes, pajamas and personal products. I promise you don’t get dressed up for anything! It’s like being at the nicest adult camp that I cannot wait to go back to.

For more information and to book, check out their website HERE

Thank you to Lake Austin Spa Resort for hosting us and to Vonlane for the round trip transportation. All of these opinions are my own.

Photos: the really good ones: Mary Summers Hafner, the meh ones: me or anyone I could find!