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Oh hi, “girlie as you know what” dress! I am in a dress…shocker!!! This usually does not happen, especially when my legs are covered in eczema! I am sorry you have to look at them, but I really wanted to wear this dress with my new purple shoes! There is nothing better than a great wrap dress, and this is just that. There are no zippers or buttons. You just throw it over your head and go! Perfect for a luncheon, church, graduation, work meeting, or just about anything you need to wear a dress to. It is from a brand called LEOTA  and they are manufactured in NYC. They have such adorable and feminine dresses that are super comfortable (so into comfort these days). What I love, is that this brand is for everyone! The prices are great, and they offer styles for every size, including full figures, maternity, and they have a mommy and me collection :). Check out their website for the full collection HERE.


Okay…can I tell you how much I love these shoes! I am not usually attracted to “prissy” clothes or shoes, but these just SCREAMED at me to buy them. I don’t know if it was the color or that the bow was a little understated, but I love them! They are really quite comfortable for a high heel. I love how heels make your legs look, and these are just fun and sassy!!! They are from Banana Republic and come in several other colors too. While we are talking fun and sassy shoes, I also bought these . These will be worn with a white button down and jeans! Love both pairs!!!

So back to the eczema. I had it as a child (my poor grand children have it too), then got it again as a teenager for a short time, then it only surfaced on my hands in my 30’s. Why has it come back on my legs and my neck now? My doctor says it’s from stress. Hmmm… I have tried everything! This has been going on for a year now, and who knew there was a support group for it! Well, I don’t really know if that is true, but there is one on a show we are obsessed with. Have you all watched The Night Of (HBO)? OMG!!! It is so good, and we have been binge watching for the last week! Anyway, there is a lawyer on the show that has terrible eczema on his feet and legs, and he goes to a support group! How weird that they added that to his story line!  The last episode was last night, and if you have not seen it, you must watch!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend. It has been raining off and on in Nashville, which just makes it disgustingly humid. Fall get here!!! Have a great day, and thanks for reading! xx

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner (what would I do without her?)

Leota Wrap Dress  c/o// Banana Republic Jasmine Sandal// Gucci Soho Bag// Brooke Worthington Spike Necklace// Dior So Real Sunglasses