Today is a big day in the life of women bloggers over the age of 50! I am part of a campaign/movement to create awareness for our age group. We are coming together to honor one another in a collaborative community to show the world that, at 50, we are just beginning! You might start to see #THEFIERCE50 on social media and hopefully in the news. Why is it, that society deems us unimportant after we hit this milestone. Magazines, commercials, and brands, focus on the younger demographic (unless we are talking Depends!) to promote their products and stories. Well, we are here to say WAKE THE “YOU KNOW WHAT” UP!!! Just because we are over 50 does not mean we are dead! We are just hitting our stride and have much wisdom to share!

I have the honor of partnering up and introducing you to the beautiful and incredibly sweet, Gigi Schilling, of SO AGELESS. Gigi is 58 (I know…it’s shocking!) and is from Brazil. She has spent the last 30 years living somewhat like a nomad; Miami, New York, Brazil and Argentina. She is married with one son. She speaks three languages and uses them every day in her home. I am so amazed by her kind and generous heart! She doesn’t promote herself on her blog, but promotes women who are over 50. She started the blog  as a means to inspire women over 50 to embrace life and live it to the fullest. Gigi credits her looks to her “Kind Mirror”. I love what she says…”When I look in the mirror, I concentrate on my face and see a big smile. I believe that when people zoom in on you, they will see your  smile and your zest for life. They don’t pay attention to your wrinkles. For me, my “Kind Mirror” is everything, especially as I get older. It keeps me ageless, and when you are able to make peace with age, that’s when you can truly start to find gratitude and joy. Instead of trying so hard to be someone else, I believe a woman should give herself the right to step into herself and discover her magic”. When I look at these pictures of Gigi, I see an incredibly beautiful self confident woman who looks like she is 40. It’s the joy you can see in her eyes and she is magic!

I thought it would be fun to ask her some questions to get to know her better:

1. What’s the best thing about being over 50? For me, to age is a privilege, because it means that I am alive, so I am grateful, and truly celebrate life regardless of aging.

What’s the worst? To see my family members getting older, which is natural, but then they also become sick and fragile, and we start losing them. But, I am also grateful for having them as long as they are around.
2. Shoes or Bag girl? Shoes… but I also would loooove to own every Hermes bag and every Fendi bagette ?
3. What do you think women over 50 should never wear, if anything? They are allowed to wear anything, there are no rules… my only rule is: no vulgarity!
4. Salty or Sweet? Salty
5. Drink of choice? Water… and champagne, of course!
6. What are your skincare favorites? I do not use skin care, apart from Cetaphil cream, that i wear on my body, and occasionally on the face.
7. Are you a heel or flats girl? Heels…I think better with high heels on :)))))
8. What is your favorite shopping website? I prefer to shop at boutiques, and love Barney’s New
9. What is your favorite movie? Only one? I have many: Doctor Zhivago (people told me i looked like Julie Christie) …..
(No S**t….this is Gigi in her younger days. I thought it WAS Julie Christie!!!!!)
10. What is your definition of style? Having fun dressing up, while expressing yourself.
Thank you so much Gigi for the opportunity to partner with you! I hope you all will visit her website, So Ageless to be inspired. She has great “Gigi-isms”!
If you or someone you know is interested in joining or supporting the movement, contact [email protected] for more information. We have lots more planned for this year and beyond so, stay tuned. Please read an article on the beautiful and talented Hannah Storm who is supporting the #TheFierce50.
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 Thank you for reading and supporting! xoxo