AG Alexa Chung Pixie Shirtdress And My Neck

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Last week I was lamenting about how my knees look in shorter dresses. I still don’t like them, but I bought  this cute AG for Alexa Chung denim dress anyway (in corduroy here). When it arrived, I was trying it on, and my husband walked in on me. He started howling and doing a little ‘heehaw-esque” jig! He asked me if I was going “country” since we are now in Nashville. Ha! I told him he knew nothing of what was hot right now, and that would be denim of any kind. I think this dress is adorable, and very comfy! I threw on my booties, but I think a sandal or a “new” chukka boot (believe me, these are big again) would be great with it.

Back to my knees and other issues. I had to run an errand last week in a nearby mall. There was a kiosk and a man and a woman trying their best to get me to come over and look at the skincare they were selling. I politely told them “no thank you”, but they pretty much chased me down. The skincare line was Israeli, and the young man was too.  He told me that I was so “cute” and that my facial skin was great. Then he asked me what I was going to do about my neck. “What do you mean?”, I asked. He said that my neck did not match my face.  Little did he know, that I have been watching the demise of my neck like a hawk! Did anyone read Nora Ephron’s book, “I Feel Bad About My Neck”?  Well, I feel bad about my neck!!!!!!! My favorite quote from the book, is…“Anything you think is wrong with your body at the age of thirty-five you will be nostalgic for at the age of forty-five.” How true is this??? He slapped a mask on my neck, and waited a few minutes, explaining to me why I needed it. Then it was removed, and I swear I think it looked a little better. Uggghhhhh, I bought the neck cream they were selling!!! What is wrong with me?

I bring this up, because today is my birthday. I have to admit, I have lied about my age at times. Of course my family and friends know, but when others have asked me, I have lied down by a couple of years. So I am nostalgic for my neck from a decade ago. Who would have thought ten years ago, that I would be yearning for that neck! The real truth, is that I am “double nickels” today. I am not lying anymore. I am so thankful for each birthday that comes, for I get to enjoy and watch each stage of my children and grand children. I get to spend time with friends and family and I get to travel and experience different places. I just am so lucky and grateful to get up each morning and breathe! So do I feel bad about my neck? Yes, but I am going to embrace it the best way I can, and if that means a “little” help at some point, then so be it, but for now, I am happy!

Hoping you have a great day!!!

Photos: Kelsey Cherry

Dress// AG Alexa Chung x Pixie Shirtdress, Booties// ASH (old), but love these and these, Bag// FENDI, Ring// KENDRA SCOTT, Laptop Sleeve// CUYANA