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When my children were still in school, I used to dread the end of summer. I loved the low key pace of it, and the thought of Parent’s Night looming made me cringe! Now that they are grown, I can’t wait for Fall! Which brings me to, why I am wearing a dress and not jeans! It’s just been way too hot!

I was shopping with my friend, Allison, who doesn’t understand why I won’t wear shorts or dresses when it is sweltering outside. First of all… shorts (unless I am walking or at the beach), NO! A shorter dress, MAYBE. Why am I so weird, you might ask? We all have something we don’t like about ourselves. I just happen to really not like my legs! And, the older I’ve gotten, the more I feel that way! The knees are not pretty. I remember seeing a photo of Demi Moore in a short skirt about ten years ago. It was in a “trash” magazine (my favorite kind!), and they had a photo of her knee zoomed in. Does anyone remember this picture? This is what mine look like too! I think she did have a knee lift, BTW. Anyway, I should just get over it, and be happy that I have healthy legs that work!

I bought this summery drop waist dress ($119) on the shopping day mentioned above. It’s cute, swingy and cool, plus, I liked the detail at the neckline. It’s nice to have a dress you can throw on and go, especially when it is so hot outside. I was thinking ahead about September and October, and how cute this will be with booties (with or without tights) and a leather jacket. Or…now with a denim jacket. What are your thoughts on shorts and knees???

Have a great Wednesday! xx

Photos: Kelsey Cherry

Dress// MAISON SCOTCH, Bag//CHANEL (similar), Shoes// DEE KELLER (and similar, and similar), Earrings, Sunglasses//GREY ANT, Nail Polish (on toes)//OPI- MOD ABOUT YOU