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It’s my favorite time of the month again…Chic At Every Age! I’m with my buddies Ashley (Sidesmile Style), Sam (Style of Sam), and Heather (Style by Fluent).  This month we wanted to show how each of us would style a leather jacket. A leather jacket is simply a staple you should have in your wardrobe. Of course black is always the basic, but a color would also be great to have (like Heather above in the light blue). You can dress them up (remember this photo of me, or look at this), or wear them with jeans, which of course is the way I prefer to wear mine. Also, they are the perfect travel piece for spring and summer and are great to have for a cold restaurant or plane. They come in a variety of prices and styles. My favorite is a moto style, but I quite like a leather blazer and a slouchy style like this. And this season it’s all about fringe!

So what makes our outfits “Chic At Every Age”? I think this is one of those times, that jeans and a leather jacket are completely acceptable at any age. I might not wear a graphic tee, like 20 something Ashley, but a silk tank still gives it fun and cool vibe while looking completely age appropriate. If you don’t have one, think about it, especially now that many are on sale.

Have a great day!!!

Jacket// SCOOP( on sale), Top// MICHAEL STARS, Jeans// FRAME (similar HERE and HERE), Boots ALBERTO FERMANI// , Bag// GIVENCHY, Necklace// RARE GEMS OF INDIA, Sunglasses// DIOR