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Yay…It’s CHIC AT EVERY AGE time, and this month is about wedding attire. Summer is a busy time for weddings, so the four of us thought it would be great to focus on what to wear to a wedding. We chose this great floral pencil skirt by MILLY (and it’s on sale) to work around. The colors are incredible, and you could virtually pick any color to wear with it! I think all of these looks could be worn at either a day or night wedding.

Ashley, our 20 something chose to pair it with a flirty crop top and nude mule. Sam and Heather paired the skirt with black tops. I love how each gives it a totally different vibe. Sam is polished sophisticated and Heather makes that pencil skirt look down right sexy!

I chose this beautiful blue blouse by SAM EDELMAN. Honestly, I didn’t know he was manufacturing clothes, but he is, and they are super reasonable! I also bought these sandals by SAM EDELMAN (they look just like the Stuart Weitzman “nudist” sandal and are a fraction of the cost!) Heather and Sam have the Stuart Weitzman version on above, and everyone including our photographer thought my version was that shoe! The jacket I am wearing is BCBG. I have to have a jacket or wrap when I am in the AC. I like the fact that it is cropped, and looks good over dresses or a blouse. Sometimes I think a longer jacket can swallow a dress, so this is something my wardrobe has needed! And…you may recognize the necklace I am wearing, because I have gotten huge mileage out of it! It’s on clearance now, and I promise people stop me whenever I am wearing it!!!

We all love doing this post, and hope you enjoy it too! Wishing you a happy Friday and great weekend!

Blouse// SAM EDELMAN, Skirt// MILLY  Jacket// BCBG, Shoes// SAM EDELMAN, Bag//similar from KATE SPADE, Necklace// LISA FREEDE