Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that this is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have to admit, I haven’t been as aware in previous years. This year is so different! I am so tuned in to every commercial, news report, magazine article, and even football games that focus on it.

There is so much known about breast cancer, yet so much unknown. We have donated to Susan Komen this year, and am walking in “Race for the Cure” tomorrow. A good friend put together a team in my honor, so I am excited to participate, but more excited that we are somewhat helping in the research of this horrible disease that affects so many women. I have read a lot of stories of hope and surviving, but what is so disturbing, is that many of these women are only in their 20’s and 30’s. That just doesn’t seem right! Is there something we are doing or not doing to provoke it?

I know the kind that I have…TNBC (triple negative) is only seen in about twenty percent of all breast cancers. It is not fueled by hormones, so what is it fueled by? Researchers still don’t know that much about it. I only hope that in the next year or so, there will be some answers to what can be done to prevent cells from forming again (like hormonally fed ones).

So here are some of my picks for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some of the products actually donate a portion of sales, but some I liked just because they were pink. I will be posting on Monday about the race with pictures. I am so happy to be getting out of the house and seeing my friends and family. The weather is supposed to be glorious!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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