My Friday Favorite is this LAFCO candle in” Dressing Room”. I am a huge fan of the brand for a few reasons. They are not only made of soy, which has a cleaner burn and no harmful fumes, but they also come in the greatest vessels, which can be used when you have finished burning them. They also have a really long burn time too! I like that they are named for every room in the house, and for every type of house (ski house, beach house, etc…). I have used the vessels after burning for drinking out of, housing my make-up brushes, and for flowers.

So, I bet you have most likely already purchased a candle by LAFCO. What I am loving is the one above…the Dressing Room. I walked into a baby store the other day, and noticed that the whole store smelled like baby powder. It was so good that I asked the sales woman what it was. Yep, the candle! I immediately went and bought it. It is in my bedroom, and so is the fragrance (even without burning it). Crazy for it!!! Do you have a favorite candle or scent? Get them HERE

Photo via Pinterest