Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. Can you believe this sassy and sexy minx is turning 75? She is probably going to kill me for revealing this, but I can’t get over how amazing she looks! I always refer to her as a “freak of nature”, because the woman never ages (no face lift, botox or fillers here!!!!!). She is the epitome of the “Texas” woman…big hair and big heart!

My mom has always been the “cool” mom. My friends always wanted to be at my house because of her. She always put me and my brother first, and has continued that with my dad. She is so selfless! My kids will tell you that she is the best person they know, and the ultimate polyana!!! When she is around,it is always pure fun and hilarity! The woman seriously has the most gorgeous skin I’ve ever seen. You know, as an older blogger, I am always interested in the latest and greatest products for my skin. All I have to do is call my mom and ask what she is using and liking at the moment. She is the ultimate skin care”whore”!

I wanted to show you what 75 can look like, and not to fear this aging thing. Just because the age says one thing, you don’t have to give up taking care of your self.  My mom is such an example of that. She is my role model on how to live a fun and care-free life (actually, I’m still learning about that, since I have a tendency to be more serious like my dad).

Happy Birthday to you, Mom! You are the greatest, coolest, sweetest, funniest, selfless, most caring, and beautiful mom ever in the world!!! I love you and hope to be more like you. Wishing you MANY MANY more healthy and glamorous years!

Photos: Mary Summers