Hey Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! The weekend started off with a bang here in Dallas. I’m talking about loud thunder and crazy storms early Friday evening. A dear friend of mine got married at eight o’clock and thankfully the storm passed through in time for her to say “I do”. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. We also had a surprise family dinner for my mom’s birthday on Saturday night. It was so much fun…a little too much for some of us!!!

On Saturday afternoon, I went into a store to get a baby gift. The lady that helped me had on a compression sleeve (these are worn on the arm after having many lymph nodes removed in the armpit to prevent swelling), and I asked her if she had had breast cancer. She said she had, and then I told her that I had too. She quickly told me that I had nothing like what she had. She had many lymph nodes removed and must always wear the sleeve (she did not have a double mastectomy or chemo). She asked what I had, and I told her that I was Triple Negative. She gasped (no lie!!!)! Then she quickly said, “well, you are here”.  Yes I am, dammit, and I am not going anywhere (and, the wrong response from someone who should know better!)!!!

It just got me thinking about how I could let this “thing” take over my world if I let it. When I read the statistics, it sounds pretty bleak, but I know there are lots of women living long lives after having Triple Negative. The worry is, that it will come back. Statistically, if it does, it is usually within the first two to three years. Where am I in this process? I will be two years out this June. It’s funny, I really don’t think about it much. I read somewhere, that when you forget how sick you were, then you know you are healed. I believe I am, but that is not the case for a lot of women.

I read an article on Staying Positive and Keeping the Fear of Recurrence Away, on a cancer support page. The author gave a few tips on doing just that. I think some of these tips are good for all of us, whether you have cancer or not.

1. Choose Happiness instead of Fear – Worry doesn’t change a thing, it just robs you of living in the now and enjoying life. It also can make you physically ill (maybe why some of us have gotten cancer in the first place).

2. I Tell Myself, I Have Cancer…It Doesn’t Have Me – Taking an attitude that you are in control of it and not the other way around is a better way  to think. This attitude will work for most of life’s problems.

3. I Communicate With My Doctors to Ease Fear – For me, this is a “no brainer”! I ask a million questions always! I am prepared before I see my doctors, with questions written down so I don’t forget. This should be the way to go about any health issues. Ask everything, and don’t be afraid to, that is what you pay your doctors for!!!

4. Do Something For Someone Else – I know this is cliche, but it really does help get your mind off of your problems. And, if you think you have problems, there is always someone with bigger ones!

5. Focus On Enjoying Life – Another one we all know, but do we really do it? Instead of rushing through the day, take time to think about how grateful you are to be able to get out of bed in the morning, drive your car, walk in the sunshine, play with your kids or grandkids, go to the beach (headed there next weekend), etc… Focus on life building instead of life destroying thoughts.

These were just a few tips that I am trying to focus on. Worrying about health issues, especially life threatening ones can overtake your mind and really wreck havoc on your body. If you are taking all the steps you can in dealing with it, then it’s best to let go of the worry and try to focus on the good. We are certainly not promised tomorrow, so might as well live today! And with that said, HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! xx