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Do you all ever feel overwhelmed? This week is already making me feel that way! Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful that I am back to my normal life, but sometimes I think about my my “chemo” days of  total rest and no stress. Chemo and no stress? I promise, I was not stressed during that time for some reason. I know I put the stress on myself, but it’s hard to reverse how you are and what you know at this stage of the game! Anyway, it’s nothing bad or dire, I just have a lot going on. Praise God that I do!!!!!

I’m really loving these silk cargo pants above! They look chic and dressy, but feel like I am wearing my coziest pajama pants, and that’s my mantra in dressing…it has to be comfy! I have worn them with a tee and flip flops too. Cozy and comfy clothes are what I love! Number One in Dallas (a Forty Five Ten store) has the coziest pieces to choose from, plus really amazing food and juices! Sounds weird all in one place, but I promise it works!!! What are your fashion mantras?

Have a great Hump Day!

Top//VINCE (old) similar below, Pants// PAPER CLOTH AND DENIM, Shoes// STUART WEITZMAN, Clutch//CLARE VIVIER, Necklace// ACCESSORY CONCIERGE, Sunglasses//DIOR