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Two weeks ago (ooops, am a little late posting), I was invited to a Spring Trends luncheon and fashion show in the Glass Room at Neiman Marcus, by my friend and fellow blogger Tanya (Film Fashion and Fun). First, can I say that the new Glass Room at the “mother ship” store in downtown Dallas is absolutely gorgeous! It was such a treat to experience it! We were served lunch and got to see what the trends for spring are. It’s clearly all about Boho Chic, mixing patterns, and flats!!!

Here is a quick run down for what you need for spring:

1- THE FLARE JEAN: It’s back, and in a HUGE way! The Texan in me is really excited for this (have always loved a flare with a cowboy boot)! I love a flare jean because it can elongate your legs, and who doesn’t want that? Of course to get that elongation, a wedge or heel is the choice of shoe, but Neimans paired the flare with was a flat (see the photo above). Try it both ways.

2-SPICE MARKET COLORS: The colors of the season are all shades of oranges, rusts, and yellows. Think “fall” colors, but mix with pop of purple, blue, or turquoise…which brings me to…

3-TURQUOISE JEWELRY: The bigger the better!!! Remember all of those chunky pieces we used to wear? Hope you saved them!!! I did not and am really kicking myself, because it looks amazing with the spice market hues.

4-FRINGE: I am obsessed with it and have always been! It is on everything you can imagine! These shoes by Stuart Weitzman are my favorite. I would add at least one piece of it to your wardrobe. A jacket, handbag, or skirt.

5-LONG PATIO DRESSES: I love long flowy dresses for the summer. They are great when you are a pale girl like me, and your legs can blind a mile away! They can be worn so many places and keep you cool in the summer heat. I like to wear them with flat sandals. This pair is my favorite and will go with EVERYTHING!

6-FLATTER HEELS: YAY!!! If you notice the shoes above, most of them were either flat sandals,  a short chunky heel, or a  flatter wedge (a fledge!). Our feet are going to be so much more comfy! My picks HERE and HERE.

7- MIXING PATTERNS: Okay, here is one that I have to admit I’m a little afraid of. I think the best and easiest way is to stay in the same color family. Stripes and florals seem to always look good together too. If you are not confident enough to put it together (like me), get a piece that is already mixed for you

8- ALL WHITE: What looks more fresh than all white? This is one spring trend that I really love!  Try wearing neutral accessories with it, or go with really bold jewelry. You can always go full out, and wear it head to toe.

I hope this helps you when shopping for spring and summer. I think the all white trend is what I may go for. You know how black just goes with everything, think of white as the same way!

Have a great weekend!!!

 Photos: Rhiannon Lee Photography